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Roofing AdelaideWhen your roof is visibly damaged during a storm, whether you have you have an immediately noticeable leak or not, you know that you need to get a roof inspection and have a trusted national roofing contractor, like Rite Price Roofing, come out to inspect your roof and do any necessary repairs. If you don’t, you risk your homeowners insurance company refusing to pay for damages because you did not do everything in your power to minimize damage from the storm.

Did you know, though that you should really call Rite Price Roofing after severe weather, even if you don’t think your roof was damaged? Whether it was a single severe storm with high-speed winds and hail, your area has had a season of mild to severe storms or you had a lot of snow this year, it’s time for a certified roof inspections from Rite Price Roofing.

Find Small Problems Before They Become Big Problems

During a heavy storm, things tend to shift. With high-speed winds, your chimney’s flashing could be blown askew. A few shingles that you didn’t notice from where you stand on the ground could have come loose. Tree limbs could have damaged your fascia and/or soffit. Damage to any of these can cause leaks, which can lead to mold, mildew and all kinds of damage. Untended, they can even lead to a collapsed roof. Rite Price Roofing offers free certified roof inspections, so why not take advantage of that service? If there’s nothing wrong with your roof, you’ll have peace of mind. If the storm has done some damage, you can get Rite Price Roofing experts to perform repairs and replacements as necessary before any of the interior of your home is damaged by water, mold, debris or a collapsed roof.

Get a Reminder of the Overall Condition of Your Roof

When you call one of the roofing experts at Rite Price to come to your home, they will be looking not only at potential damage from the storm, but also at your roof as a whole. Do you know how old your roof is? Shingle roofs have a lifespan of about 20 years and they can become weaker as they get older. A qualified roofing contractor will be able to tell you whether it will be more cost effective for you to repair the damaged spots on your roof or to skip that and replace the whole thing. They’ll be able to tell where the weak spots are and give you a good idea of how long your roof’s life expectancy is at this point.

If You Need to Replace Your Roof

If your roof is badly damaged or is just old and in poor condition, Rite Price courteous and professional contractors can walk you through your choices for new roofing materials. You may want another 20 year shingle roof or you may want to upgrade to a longer-lasting, more durable roofing material. You won’t get any of that information or peace of mind if you don’t call the experts after you’ve had a severe weather at your home. You have nothing to lose and a quality roof to gain.

The next time you need your roof inspected, whether for your business or your home, give Rite Price Roofing a call today or complete our online quote form for a roof inspection you can trust.

Watch Out for These 4 Areas of Your Roof

When it comes to roof leaks and weak spots, a few areas tend to be more susceptible to damage than others. To avoid a huge headache, property damage, and a lot of expenses, you should work casual inspections of these areas into your normal housekeeping schedule.

You don’t have to check your fascia and soffit every week, but doing a visual inspection of these areas, along with your chimney and ventilation flashing, as well as a few other vulnerable areas, once a month and any time you have severe weather is just smart preventative maintenance.

Before you start inspecting on your own, though, we highly recommend you to contact us at Rite Price Roofing for a free certified roof inspection. Our qualified, professional, and trustworthy roofing experts are experienced with spotting storm damage and other kinds of roof damage quickly and we will work with your home owners insurance to repair damages swiftly and effectively at competitive prices.

Once you’ve had an inspection done by a professional and gotten any outstanding issues taken care of, you’ll know you’re starting from a good place with your roof. Then you’ll be able to easily tell if something is wrong and if you need to call the roofing experts for any more repairs. Now, let’s discuss your roof’s “areas of interest” in a little more detail.


If you’re keeping your gutters clean, this inspection won’t take much time or effort at all. Just make sure that water is flowing off of your roof, into the gutters, and out through the drainpipes. If the gutters are clogged, water can stand stagnant and rot your roof, fascia, and soffit. This can cause big problems, like leaks and collapsing roofs, so pay attention to your gutters!

Fascia and Soffit

We’ve mentioned your fascia and soffit a couple of times now. The fascia is the board that runs along the edge of your roof and keeps moisture out of your attic, while the soffit is made up of the horizontal boards that run along the underside of your eaves. They are ventilated to allow air intake into your attic so that your shingles don’t overheat and so that your roof can expel heat, rather than trapping it in your attic.

If there’s any damage or rot on the fascia or soffit, you could have water leaking into the attic. Not only that, but you could also have animals, like raccoons, squirrels, mice and rats coming in and making nests for themselves in your attic.

To avoid all of that, do a monthly inspection of your soffit and fascia and make sure there are no holes and there’s no visible rot.


The flashing around your chimney and any ventilation or drains on your roof are there to seal off avenues that would otherwise be open to water getting in. Sometimes foundations settle and chimneys lean. Sometimes wind knocks things out of place. Check your flashing, as well as your fascia and soffit, after any severe weather, as well as once monthly just for good measure.

If you notice anything off about these areas on your roof, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call Rite Price Roofing for help. If you think you need your roof inspected, whether for your business or your home, give Rite Price Roofing a call today or complete our online quote form for a roof inspection you can trust.