Tiles are durable, and most will last over a century. It is rare to have problems with anything on a large scale unless the roof tiles were installed incorrectly or the tiles are of low quality, and that is why we always recommend that anyone in South Australia should contact Rite Price Roofing in any matters of roofing.

This reputable company leans on decades of valuable experience in roofing using tiles, and all types. They understand family needs and wants more than any roofing companies in Adelaide and the entire South Australia because they are family business too.

Rite price roofing will never indulge in low quality roofing materials, because the success of rite price is strongly rooted in the quality of the materials they use for Adelaide and South Australian homes in general. Also they employ the best roofing professionals available in Australia. Most of they employees have outstanding experience in roofing that spans decades.

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Every homeowner you meet will tell you that house is an investment that last a life time and roofing is part of your house investment, if you go with the best roofing company, your investment is sure to last you a life time, and while you will spend more initially on a tile roof, over time they can be very cost-effective making your investment worthwhile.

Moss and algae won’t eat through a tile roof very quickly, certainly not as easily as with a wood shake roof. And most of the time, tile roof repair is not as urgent in nature as it is for other materials (if they are built by rite price roofing company that is).

Although not every roofing company knows this or perhaps will tell you this truth but because tile roofs are expensive to install, it is much better to repair the tiles than replace the roof. This simple truth can save you lots of money.

Common issues with Tile Roofs

Although Tile Roofing is one of the most durable roofing options, this method of roofing also come with it own disadvantages just like any good thing would. The most common two problems with tile roofs are cracked or broken tiles and debris buildup, this two problems may look like a game changer but by taking diligent precautions they can be avoided or prolonged, and I’m using the word prolonged because nothing good last forever so if any roofing company tells you that your roof no matter what method of roofing you have chosen will last your till the end of time; they are lying, as simple as that.

Now the question is what are the precautionary steps that will prolong the life of your tile roofs to avoid tile roof restoration.

How do I make my tile roofing last me a lifetime.

If you have made this article this far, this is the point where you want to give it your 100% focus. The first thing to do in order to prolong the life span of your tile roof is cleaning. Although your tile roof may look all shinning the day it was built but as time goes by, the ash Australian weather will start showing it unforgivable mother nature power on it, debris of leaves will start to decay on it, trees will overhang on it creating shaded potion which then give decaying mechanism an affordable opportunity to thrive.

At this point, cleaning the debris as with all roof maintenance will be your salvation. Also by keeping overhanging trees cut back to reduce shade and debris will give your tile roof a good fresh air. Most importantly this will slow the development of moss and algae and reduce buildup of debris.

To inhibit moss growth you can fit a copper wire net to the ridgeline. Water running over the copper will reduce the amount of moss that grows below it. (If you collect rainwater for drinking, do not use this method.)

Build up of moss and debris in the slots between the tiles can cause water to back up under the tiles. When this happens, it can be difficult to determine the source of a leak. Tiles hang on long strips of wood that run horizontally, so water that gets behind the tiles can follow the boards and cause a leak in another area. Valley sections of the roof are particularly prone to this problem, and should be cleaned every year.

Pressure washing is the most safe and effective way to clean moss and algae, and is recommended by the Tile Roof Institute. At rite price roofing, we have the best equipment for this type of cleaning and it requires an expert to carry it out effectively.

Your tiles, as we all know extreme weather conditions such as high winds or large hail can damage it. Now fixing and replacing broken tiles can be very detrimental too if it’s not being handled by highly experienced professionals from rite price roofing.

This is because during the fixing or installation process of your tile roof, the person fixing it must find a way to walk around on the roof, however when walking on the roof, you must ensure that you are walking on planks or a roof ladder.

If you walk directly on the tiles, they will break. If your roof starts shedding undamaged tiles for no apparent reason, it could be that the installer used cheap galvanized nails instead of copper or stainless steel, which we will never encourage at rite price roofing due to our high standard.

In this case, relaying all the tiles with the proper nails is the only solution. Some tiles can be repaired with silicon sealant or adhesive. To replace a tile, pry up the tile just above the broken one.

Break the damaged tile into smaller pieces and carefully remove them. Pry out nails. Spread a small amount of roofing cement along the underside of the replacement and slide it into place. For a single tile replacement, just the adhesive will be sufficient.

Press all tiles down snugly. Tile matching tile on an older roof can be challenging.

Roof tile suppliers that carry a large inventory of salvaged roof tile can be your best option. If you can’t find a match, you can take tiles from a less visible part of the roof and fill that spot with the closest match you find. Use the matching tile on the more visible areas.

You can also have custom tiles made, but this is expensive and getting an exact match is not guaranteed. Fixing Metal Flashings If you have metal flashings that need repair, often you can lift the tiles just around the flashings, replace them and return the tiles.

You may also find and replace broken tiles at this time. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a roofer, care is needed when working on a tile roof or you will cause more damage than you repair.

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