However you spell it, your new verandah looks great!

You say verandah and I say veranda. At Rite Price Roofing there has always been some debate over the correct spelling for this Australian classic, but we’d rather build them than argue about which is correct.

Although text books state that the form “verandah” is correct and very common, some prefer the version without the ‘h’ (the Concise Oxford English Dictionary gives the ‘h’ version as a variant, and The Guardian Style Guide says “veranda not verandah”).

A veranda or verandah comes from the Hindi word ‘varanda’, (vɐˈɾɐ̃dɐ) and is described as a roofed, open-air gallery or porch. In Australia it has morphed into many forms – from a practical hardworking structure giving respite from the sun and the rain, to a romanticised architectural feature for home owners wanting the latest trending designer looks.

Verandah Adelaide

A verandah essentially will provide you with a large covered patio area across the front, rear or even the entire perimeter of your home’s exterior. Add stylish outdoor furniture, ceiling fans, privacy screens, blinds and other elements and your back yard can easily look like one of the amazing show homes on display in the pages of magazines. Dress it up with candles, cushions, plants and music to set the right mood.

Not only will a cleverly designed verandah give you greater flexibility in the way you use your outdoor living space, but you’ll have protection all year round from the harsh Australian elements. The investment you outlay will be returned to you if you ever choose to sell in the future, as it adds to the asking price of your home.

Let us spell it out for you.

At Rite Price Roofing our job is to build the most beautiful and durable verandahs in Adelaide. We can completely transform your entire back yard! Our team can help you with the design and offer ideas to enhance the style, value and functionality of your home’s existing floor plan.

You’ll receive personalized assistance throughout the project, covering all aspects of the construction. We’ll spell out our process and all the details, including the pricing and timing, so you’ll know exactly what to expect at every stage. You can sit back and watch your beautiful verandah being constructed without having to lift a finger.

When you make the decision to work with Rite Price Roofing for your verandah, you can expect excellent craftsmanship and quality materials. We understand what it takes to impress you with a job well done, and we regularly work toward this goal with each project we undertake.

How do you spell sturdy? With Australian steel.

At Rite Price Roofing we construct using Australian steel and we choose to partner with Revolution Roofing to supply our steel components.Revolution Roofing manufacture roof and gutter material, down pipes, steel flooring systems, carports, sheds and purlins for the commercial and domestic building markets. The company is currently the fastest growing roll former in the Australian market.

Revolution Roofing has spent over a century building a great reputation for their ideas and innovations in steel. We have always been impressed by the quality of their ‘Centenary’ range of home improvements and it’s why we choose to build exclusively with them. Their range that has all the desirable qualities required – good looks, flexibility, style and durability. Furthermore, their products are backed by a reassuring 25 year structural guarantee.

Revolution Roofing have been operating in Australian for over 100 years.


Colours that make a stylish finish.

The Fielders Centenary range provides a level of flexibility unmatched by other manufacturers. Roofing comes in your choice of over 20 colours, with a range of steel, polycarbonate and gable infill profiles. The extraordinary variety of durable finishes means you can choose a colour scheme to match with or contrast against your home for stunning impact. 

Frame Colours:

Classic Cream™






Woodland Grey®


Double Sided High Gloss Roofing Colours:

Classic Cream™



Woodland Grey®/Classic Cream™

Monument®/Classic Cream™


Mangrove™/ Classic Cream™

Woodland Grey®/Paperbark®

Our experienced installers tick all the boxes.

Once you’ve created the ideal design for your verandah, chosen your colours, and all the materials have been supplied, you want a good tradesperson to install it for you. At Rite Price Roofing we’ve been completing verandah and home improvement projects for more than 25 years in South Australia, and we have the expertise to put it all together for a great result.

We are proud of our proven track record of reliability. Professional installation means you won’t have any trouble in the future, because it’s all been done correctly and to code. And because you building with a company with a solid history, you know that we will still be here in the future to assist you with any further projects.

Get a free quote.

Contact Rite Price Roofing on (08) 8261 3941 for a free quote for the project that you have in mind, and we will travel to your home to meet with you and discuss your needs. You can look forward to a fantastic verandah soon!