Corrugated iron roofing was popular in for early housing in Australia because it was cheap to produce, easy to transport and quick to install. But it didn’t take long for manufacturers to realise that improvements needed to be made to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

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Today light-weight steel roofing has given a whole new dimension to Australia’s suburban landscape. A roof made from COLORBOND® steel provides good looks for you and long term advantages for the environment by enabling more efficient use of resources. Steel is 100% recyclable and is one of the world’s most reused products. It is efficient to produce and cost-effective to transport. As a roofing material, it has great versatility and stays looking good for years. With a durable, baked-on paint finish, COLORBOND® Steel resists chipping, peeling and cracking to deliver long life performance with low maintenance. COLORBOND® Steel is made specifically to withstand the harsh Australian Climate.

Rite Price Roofing uses Colourbond Bluescope steel from Fielders as the perfect choice when considering a metal roof replacement. It is a product that is strong and versatile and comes in a range of lengths and thicknesses to ensure the right finish for every job. Fielders is designed to suit both modern and traditional architecture so it can be used for contemporary, traditional, curved, skillion, convex or concave roof styles. It looks amazing every time.

Another benefit for architects and designers is the exciting range of colours available. Your roof colour can complement or contrast existing walls, fascias and other paintwork.

COLORBOND® steel offers a colour palette colours that can be seen as typically Australian. From the mountains to the outback, from our creek beds to our sand dunes, there are 22 inspired colour choices suited to any Australian home and roof.

Tried and tested over the past 45 years in some of the harshest climates across Australia, COLORBOND® steel roofing has a very low life-cycle cost. You will save money because it won’t need to be repaired or replaced for decades. COLORBOND® steel is one of the toughest, most advanced building materials in the world, with outstanding anti-corrosion performance. Your new roof will be non-combustible, termite resistant, weather tight and secure.

Lastly, there are energy saving advantages to a metal roof. Metal heats up faster than roof tiles, but it also cools down faster once the sun is off it because steel has a low thermal mass. Your air conditioning system will have less work to do at cooling the house. This will help save on electricity usage, resulting in lower energy charges. The choice of colour can also influence thermal performance. Lighter colours in particular, radiate less heat during summer. In winter, it’s the insulation under your roof or on the ceiling space that keeps you warm. A properly insulated roof will keep the heat inside.

Here’s our summary of why metal roofing is so popular:

Today, according to research carried out by BlueScope Steel, nearly half of all new homes in Australia have roofs made from COLORBOND® Steel, 9 out of 10 new homes built in Australia feature products made from COLORBOND® Steel and over 80 per cent of all Australian gutters and fascia’s are made from COLORBOND® Steel.

  • Proven strength and durability.
  • Stays looking good for decades.
  • Huge colour selection to suit any home or design style.
  • A variety of profiles available to suit any home design.
  • Suits contemporary, traditional, curved, skillion, convex or concave roof styles.
  • Very little maintenance required over a lifetime.
  • Improved insulation with sun reflective coatings.
  • Resistant to hail, wind and impact.
  • Tested to withstand strong winds.
  • High resistance to leaking.
  • Demonstrates energy efficiency
  • An eco-friendly choice.

Rite Price is proud to offer the highest standard of workmanship and service to you. What is more, we offer an unbeatable unconditional 25 year warranty that your roof will not leak. Thanks to our partnership with Fielders, we also offer you a 25 year platinum guarantee on all work undertaken using the exclusive Fielders range. You can trust us to exceed your expectations.

Best of all, we offer you a FREE quote. There is no call out fee and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are happy with the end result.