If you’re in the market for a roof restoration or replacement, you have a number of options when it comes to the appropriate material to use. Wood shingles, concrete or clay tiles as well as terracotta each have their specific merits when it comes to avoiding the dreaded leaking roof.

In order to make your decision, you have to consider your home’s location, the weather conditions it is likely to face, as well as your aesthetic preferences. If you’re considering terracotta, you’re part of a growing number of homeowners who are delighted by the old-world charm that this centuries-old, early building material creates.

Terracotta Can Withstand the Elements

Much like concrete and clay, terracotta is a heavy, sturdy material that won’t easily be swayed by heavy winds, driving rain, or suffer movement due to most anything that flies into it. Because of this, they offer an exceptional defence against a leaking roof caused by punctures to the outer membrane or moisture barrier.

They act almost like an armour shield against the elements of rain and wind, but also against the threat of fire and even the harmful and deteriorating UV rays that can cause sun damage such as fading or corrosion. UV light can significantly age a wood shingle roof causing it to crack, splinter, dry and age unless there is continual maintenance and staining.

Reducing Your Environmental Impact

Terracotta has become an appealing option for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint. This is mainly because the tiles are made from a renewable source. As well, they are generally made free of harmful chemicals that can leach into the rainwater that runs off your roof.

Collected water can become another source of sustenance for plants and animals if stored properly. They also offer an added level of insulation against both heat and cold due to the nature of the material.

And on top of that, they provide added insulation against sound pollution. Due to the fact that they require less maintenance, less energy is needed to upkeep the look of your roof, making terracotta an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

Long Life and Eternal Beauty

The main reason why owners choose this type of material is for its natural beauty. These tiles recall the ancient structures of Rome and the red roofs of Spain. Much like those antique structures, terracotta can withstand the test of time.

If a tile breaks, it’s a simple process to replace the broken piece, in contrast to other types of prefabricated shingles that require a larger replacement project.

In most cases, you can expect a 50-year lifespan out of terracotta tiles with little to no maintenance required as compared to those requiring UV protection or suffering from loose and broken shingles.

It’s worth nothing that before installing any sort of heavy material, your structure needs to be examined by a professional in order to determine if it can handle the excess weight.

When it comes to durability and architectural charm, terracotta roof tiles are becoming the favourite choice of savvy home decorators and designers.

Talk to a professional to discover if they’re the right choice for the overall structural integrity of your home as well as your budgetary concerns. Over time, the charm of tile is sure to add value to your primary investment and be passed on for many owners to come.