verandah in AdelaideAlmost everyone has some idea of what a verandah is, but what about pergolas, patios, porches? Is there a difference, or are they the same thing masquerading under different names?

Here at Rite Price Roofing we can guide and advise you on all things concerned with verandahs in Adelaide. From minor repairs to major renovations and replacement verandahs. we’re the professionals, and we know our verandahs from our pergolas, and our porches from our carports and patios.

What’s The Difference?

When you think about verandahs most people think of the covered area extending from the eaves of a house. Some are an extension of the main roof, and others are built some time after the house is constructed. Some run the length of one exterior wall, or less, while return verandahs can continue around the outside of the entire house such as you’ll see on some of Adelaide’s majestic federation-style homes. Smaller verandahs, the type covering the external area around a front or back door, are usually referred to as a porch.

A pergola is generally a structure built onto an existing house with a column at each corner and supporting columns in between, depending on its size. It has an arched, pitched or flat roof made of beams and rafters, which can be covered to keep out the weather, or can be left open for climbing plants to form a shady, living canopy. Pergolas can also be freestanding in the garden, similar to an arbor, where you can sit and enjoy nature away from the house

Most pergolas are large, covered structures attached to houses, and form the roof over a paved area known as a patio. Today, the terms pergola and patio are used interchangeably to mean large, weatherproof, outdoor entertaining areas, and are often an extension of the living space inside the house. As well as the perfect place for parties all year round, they’re also used for storing outdoor equipment. Pergolas usually display some architectural flair, often in keeping with the style of the home.

Why Do You Need a Verandah in Adelaide?

In Adelaide, our warm climate and outdoor lifestyle make having a good verandah a necessity. Have you ever seen any home without some sort of verandahs in Adelaide? It’s unlikely, but if you have then you would have noticed it because it looked so odd. The early settlers soon found their European- style houses without verandahs or porches were inadequate in Adelaide’s harsh climate. They needed a cool, shady place out of the house to relax, and what better way than with a verandah directly outside the door.

A large verandah becomes an extension of the house and is often filled with comfortable seating for informal gatherings with friends and family. It’s also a place to store things that don’t belong in the house but still need to be protected from the weather such as shoes, bikes and garden tools. And don’t forget your plants. Under the verandah is the ideal place for plants, they’re shaded from the hot sun but still benefit from being outside. High-quality verandahs in Adelaide also protect the house walls and windows from rain and hail, and keep your house cooler in summer. No more harsh sun glare through the windows, and your curtains are protected from fading.

Your Verandah … Your Way

So you’re thinking of adding a new verandah, but where do you start? Well, the style of your home will ultimately dictate the type of verandah you choose. Whether you want a small porch-style verandah, a complete return verandah around your home, or a large outdoor entertaining area at the back, you need to choose a style that will enhance your home as well as reflect your good taste. The size of your garden may also be a determining factor in the size of your new verandah.

At Rite Price Roofing we will carefully consider the existing style and structure of your home, as well as the intended purpose of your new verandah.

For traditional federation-style homes, a gabled verandah adds a touch of refinement and elegance while preserving the classic look of the home. With its high sloping roof it gives the appearance of outdoor spaciousness while still maintaining an indoor feeling. You can choose from a wide range of decorative posts and beams, lattice screens, skylights and any other features you desire to build a verandah custom-made for your requirements.

Curved-roof verandahs in Adelaide are becoming more popular. The soft lines and downward curve improve the look of a diverse range of homes and roof styles, especially the newer, contemporary homes. A curved verandah will add an airy modern-day feel and instantly give your older home a new lease on life. They easily attach to existing structures and have an eye-catching appeal for fashion-conscious homeowners wanting to add some style and flair.

One of the more widespread styles of verandah is the flat-roofed. You’ll see them all over Adelaide, in all manner of applications. They effortlessly blend with every type of home, and if you just want a plain but stylish verandah then look no further.

Sometimes a simple, minimalist style is the one that works the best for your home. Flat-roofed verandahs in Adelaide are usually a lower priced option for those on a budget but you can readily jazz them up with other features. Speak to the professionals at Rite Price Roofing who will custom build your perfect Adelaide verandah.

Seen on older cottages and Victorian-style homes, the bullnose verandah is what many people picture in their minds when the discussion turns to Adelaide verandahs. This style is often a continuation of the roof with a downward curve where it finishes, and affords added protection from afternoon sun and driving rain. Others have a separate verandah on a slightly lower level than the main roof.

The classic return verandah of early 20th century Adelaide houses was always in the bullnose style, but it looks just as good on more recently- built homes, and lend itself well to federation and Victorian-style reproduction homes.

Of course, there are endless variations of these four styles, and the only limit is your imagination. If you can dream it, you can almost certainly have it built from a wide range of durable materials.

We Build Bough Verandahs in Adelaide

Outdoor structures take a beating from the sun, wind and rain, not to mention those troublesome termites. To protect and safeguard your new verandah and keep it looking smart, it should be constructed from the same tough and robust materials as the rest of your home.

At Rite Price Roofing we use top quality Australian-made Fielders products and low maintenance colorbond steel, which now comes in 22 colors, so your verandah blends perfectly with your home. Fielders also supply the necessary components to complete your custom design selection, including structural supports and beams. All Fielders products come with a platinum 25-year guarantee so you can rest assured you’re making the right choice.

To complete your stunning new verandah, Rite Price Roofing uses superior South Australian-made paints and finishes from Acryloc.

Your new addition will be the envy of your neighbours, and will add considerable value to your home, and your lifestyle.

Contact one of the highly experienced Rite Price experts for more information.