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Running your home on a Solar Power System


Running your home on energy can be costly and whether you are a couple or a large family some of the highest household expenses can be energy.


Taking advantage of the sun’s free power is a simple and easy way to cut back the costs of your energy bills and switch to a more energy efficient alternative for powering your home that is simple to install and won’t run out.


In this article, we explain what is solar energy, the benefits of solar energy, how you can run solar energy in your home to benefit your hip pocket and steps for installing solar energy.


Solar energy explained


When you are jumping into the world of solar energy, there can be plenty of information and wading through this information to find out what suits your needs and the needs of your household can be problematic.


In simple terms, solar energy is energy that is sourced from the sun and is a form of solar radiation. Solar energy is the light that is generated through specially created PV cells, which are made to create a photovoltaic effect when the sunshine hits the cell.


Solar energy produces energy on demand and creates the least amount of emissions of all energy sources making it a real contender for energy supply for individuals looking for an energy efficient source of home energy.


Solar panels can be used on all homes and properties and are not simply for city areas, but work throughout properties especially in Australia which has one of the highest rates of sunshine in the world and great weather.


If you’re looking to generate electricity that works to lower energy consumption, boost energy efficiencies and cut back on your power bills, solar energy is the way to go for your home or property.


Benefits of a solar power system for your home


There are plenty of benefits of using solar energy for your home that you might not have to consider at first glance that we will explore below.


Here are some of the many benefits of installing solar energy:


Non-polluting source of energy – one of the key reasons why many people install solar panels to their home is the assurance that this source of energy is an alternative to fossil fuels and work to provide a clean and reliable source of energy. Created using solar panels that soak up the sun’s rays, solar energy is a simple way to source energy and removes the need for using fuels that pollute the environment and can be a strain to source.


A renewable form of energy – the sun will rarely if ever run out and is a free source of renewable energy for homeowners and their electricity needs. Where coal, wood, refrigerant, gas and other sources of energy might need to be sourced and paid for, the sun is a form of energy that can produce electricity that will rarely run out if ever in our lifetime.


Slow down global warming – while it might be tempting to put down all the benefits of solar energy down to cost savings, there are tremendous benefits for greater society including the impact on global warming. Efficient solar panels work to create energy and electricity without placing demands on other power systems, which reduces demands on the world’s global warming pollution and slows down the process.


Saves society trillions on energy – considering the cost savings of solar energy, on the whole, solar power saves communities across the world trillions of dollars in energy costs. Not only this, solar power can be used in homes, communities, infrastructure such as hospitals and many other uses allowing for a wide range of residential and commercial uses.


Energy security – We all know the sun will rise and set every day and regardless of what is going on in the world, there is a security in knowing that your electricity is always going to be available via the sun’s rays. In the event of natural disaster or an unpredictable energy supply, solar power is a reliable source of energy that cannot be bought or turned into a monopoly, which could disadvantage consumers.


Energy independence – being on solar power offers unique opportunities for individuals and homeowners to live ‘off the grid’ and independently without the need to be in regional or city-based locations. Opening up the possibility of living anywhere in Australia that has sunlight allows for a huge amount of independence and means homeowners don’t need to reside in locations that have energy supplies and can set up their own unique system without relying on existing infrastructure.


Uses for solar energy in your home


There are plenty of uses for solar energy in and around your home, and going green might not only save you serious amounts of cash on your utility bills but provide a power source that allows you to embrace renewable energy sources and make a bit impact on the environment.


Here are some uses for solar energy in and around your home:


General home energy needs – this is a wide range of uses that you would use any other electrical power for including lighting, powering your appliances, running your air conditioning unit, powering fans and all other electrical equipment throughout your home can be powered using solar energy just as you would with any other power source from electricity companies.


Heating your swimming pool – this is a fantastic way to lower the running costs for your swimming pool and can allow to you enjoy your pool year round without having to encounter huge heating costs. Heating a pool using energy can be expensive and using solar power is a brilliant way to significantly reduce your running costs and allow you to avoid installing expensive equipment that uses traditional forms of electricity or ineffective pool blankets.


Heat your hot water – solar energy can heat your water so that you don’t require traditional electric water heaters to service your home hot water needs. Homeowners can do away with inefficient and expensive water heaters and furnaces that opt for a cleaner way to heat water using the sun’s rays.


Heat your home using the sun – solar power does have the capacity to be used to help heat rooms in your home and keep your indoor environment warm and cosy. By having water heaters powered by solar, you can create heating for a wide range of options throughout your home.


Battery charging – one of the latest developments in the world of solar energy is the ability to store solar energy for future use should it not be used. Using solar batteries eliminates waste and allows for reserves of energy to be stored so that it can be used during the evening and at times when you require increases amounts of energy. Often unused solar energy is fed back into the grid and re-used or sold, however, if property owners wish to use this energy and store it in batteries, this can be done.


Outdoor lighting – using the sun to create electricity isn’t simply isolated to the interior of the home, solar energy can be used for outdoor lighting and outdoor areas to ensure the running costs of the home are kept to a minimum. Solar lights can be independent of the main solar panel system or hooked up to the main house, and save huge amounts of energy and takes advantage of the sun to provide an enjoyable outdoor environment.


How are solar systems or solar panels installed on your home?


A solar panel system consists of a range of components which should be installed by a solar panel installation expert.


The components include solar panels or modules, a mounting system which sites on your home’s roof, controllers and batteries if required.


As most solar panels are installed on the roof of the home, the property does require adequate space on the roof to mount the panels however if required they can be installed on the ground, on poles or a unique system if the roofing does not allow for panels to be directly attached to the roof. Most homes in Australia have the capacity to take panels without any retrofitting, and typical composition of a roof will allow for panels to be installed without too much fuss.


Solar panel experts should be contacted to install your solar panels because they are experts in their field and can install a system that perfectly matches the needs of your property.


Solar experts such as Rite Price Roofing understand the different types of solar panels available, the government incentives available to you, the correct installation procedures and can install your panels to connect to the grid. As well as this, solar panel professionals are backed by insurance and warranty and will ensure your solar panel system is working properly and lowering the costs of your energy bill.


If you’re looking for a safe, clean and renewable source of electricity that will dramatically cut your energy bills, look no further than solar power.


To find out more information about solar power and installing solar panels, speak with the expert team from Rite Price Roofing today or visit us at our showroom to speak with our sales team and to arrange an on-site quote at your property.