When problems arise on a roof, it’s important to attend to them as soon as possible. Otherwise, a little problem will turn into a major problem over time, resulting in extensive damage and a greater cost to the homeowner. This especially holds true with a slate roof. At the first sign of trouble, stay on top of things and keep these five tips in mind when it’s time for slate roof repairs.

Give the Roof a Thorough Inspection

Before beginning any slate roof repairs, it is essential to inspect the overall conditions of a slate roof. If only a relatively small number of shingles have been affected, it’s possible to do simple repairs.

However, if the damage is extensive, it is time to consider replacing the entire roof. Make sure someone knowledgeable about such matters performs an inspection before any type of repair work begins; if you’re in need of assistance, you can call our team at your convenience.

Patching the Roof One Slate at a Time: The Copper Tab Method

When a slate shingle has been damaged in some way or has gone missing, it is possible to fill the gap ‘slate by slate’. It is important to remember that shingles made of slate are rigid as compared to other types of shingles and they present a challenge when it comes to removal. One popular repair method is the copper tab method.

The first step involves cutting the nails that hold the slate in place. From that point, make sure a slate shingle of the appropriate size is used to replace the faulty or missing slate. A copper nail can be used to nail the shingle in place. Finally, a copper bib should cover the nail hole.

Replacing Slate Shingles with a Slate Hook

For a method that is considered more durable than copper tabs, slate hooks can be used instead for slate tile replacement. Slate hooks made of stainless steel are placed on the roof first. At that point, the new slate shingle slides into place, avoiding any potential damage to surrounding shingles.

Replacing Missing Slate Shingles with Used Shingles

If a lost shingles have been recovered, or used shingles are available, they can be used to patch the roof as long as they are in good condition. If any gaps or nail holes are visible, they can be covered with aluminum flashing or copper.

Avoid Use of Roof Cement

Many will try applying roof cement to damaged and cracked slate shingles. However, this is only a temporary fix that will not resolve the underlying problem. It will deteriorate, wash away, and be a waste of money in the end.

When unsure of what is necessary for a slate roof repair, it is always advised to contact our roofing experts here at Rite Price Roofing. An experienced professional is the safest means of having a quality roof repair done, and we’re confident that you’ll appreciate our friendly service. Thanks for visiting and we look forward to helping fix that roof!