Natural slate is considered to be a high-end roofing material, and it can be found on many beautiful homes and commercial buildings across Australia.

Slate is highly durable with an incredible life span, and its beauty as a roofing material is unparalleled. Typically, minimal maintenance and upkeep is required, and this adds to the benefits associated with having a slate roof.

However, despite the incredible durability of the cladding, the fact is that repair work is required on slate roofs periodically. Just as the installation of a slate roof can be expensive, the same holds true for slate roof repairs.

By following a few easy steps you can get a quality slate roof repair at a fraction of the price; when you’re ready to discuss your Adelaide roof repair please call Rite Price Roofing at (08) 8348 5988 and we’ll be happy to assist.

Do Some of the Work Yourself

A reputable roof repair contractor like Rite Price Roofing will provide you with an itemized estimate in writing for the work that needs to be completed on your home’s slate roof.

The estimate may detail the approximate size of the repair area, the number of tiles that need to be repaired and other important factors.

While you want to let the roofing company handle all of the actual repair work to ensure that it is completed with integrity, you may save money if you haul away the old slate and other waste from the project.

Many roofing contractors will add this cost because of their own time completing it, and you can save money by doing this portion of the work on your own.

Shop Around for a Skilled Contractor

Not every roofing company will provide you with slate roofing services. This is a unique material that requires specialized training and the use of advanced techniques for proper installation.

Some roofing contractors may state that they offer slate services when they have minimal experience working with it.

Because of this, take time to ensure that the contractor you select has experience and that they are licensed to work with this material.

To find the best price possible on your roof repair work, you should shop around to compare estimates only from the companies that have the background and experience required. To get a quick and easy estimate from our team, call us on (08) 8348 5988 today.

Ask for Discounts and Special Offers

Some roof companies will provide you with their best rate up-front, but others may not. If you want to get the lowest rate possible for the work you need completed on your slate roof, ask questions.

Inquire about discounts and special offers available. Ask your contractor if any incentives would be provided if you keep the roofer’s sign in your front yard for free advertising for a few weeks or if other options are available.

Some roofing companies may be willing to provide you with a discount if you are able to provide word of mouth advertising for them. These are just some of the ways that you can work with your roofing contractor to structure a mutually beneficial deal.

A Word of Warning

While you may want to save money on your slate roof repair work, you should keep in mind that the roof protects the structural integrity of your home. There may be some corners that you can cut to save money, such as hauling away your own waste from the repair work.

However, you do not want to cut corners with regards to the skill and experience of the roof carpenters or with the quality of the materials. If one company is offering you a considerably lower rate than others, it is important to take a closer look at why this is.

Keep in mind that some imitation slate materials can result in roof leaks, and this is not something that you want to deal with on your property.

Here at Rite Price Roofing we’ll always be up-front and honest with you about your repair costs, and we’ll never cut corners.

Because slate is highly durable, repair work on this type of roof may be minimal over the years. However, between the high cost of the material and the specialized skills required to complete the work, you may still have a relatively high repair estimate for even a moderate amount of work.

While you do not want to take steps to save money that may result on lower quality repair work, you may still be able to reduce the price you pay by following these tips.