The verandah is an iconic addition to any Australian home, while Aussie can’t claim the invention of verandah, Australians have thoroughly embraced the beauty the comes with this outdoor extension of our homes.

In a country that enjoys the outdoors and our fair share of warm weather, a verandah is a complimentary addition to any home and works to add significant outdoor living space, which is covered in by a roof to ensure the ultimate protection of the occupant from sun during the day and some shade if it rain. One of the beauties that comes with verandah is that you have a wide range of styling you can choose from during the planning stage of your verandah.

Verandah also comes in different types of materials regardless if you’re adding it to a new home or an existing building. Most importantly, your verandah adds significant value to any home and are in high demand as a feature by many property investors and home buyers.

We have put some interesting materials together in the article, that explore all types of verandahs that’s available in the market today, also, we explore the materials used for the construction of your verandah, important considerations when considering installing a verandah to your new or existing home.

Outdoor living with style

Regardless of your intentions for your new verandah, there’s a wide range of options to choose from. Doesn’t matter if you are after a high-end spec or you simply need to extend to ensure your little ones have a enough space to run around the outdoor.

Australians like any other countries have their own preferred way of designing their home, outdoor solutions such as pergolas, carports, patios, pavilions and the elegant verandah are popular options for giving your home the type of outdoor living any proper owners would envision for their home.

Verandahs are such a great outdoor extension of your home that it enhances your outdoor lifestyle by adding considerable value to your home, a verandah structure properly by a professional roofing specialist can improve the existing outdoor living space and provide the option being used for multipurpose intentions.

Verandahs are unavoidable, this extension works great during all seasons, most especially in spring and summer seasons, families enjoy a BBQ and little party at the outdoor area while they catch their favorite TV shows. This is possible because verandahs afford you the opportunity to install everything right outdoor, from BBQ stand, to mini outdoor kitchen, to TV and fans and much more, this beautiful extension give you everything you need to live a fulfilled outdoor lifestyle.

The process of choosing and installing your verandah

As a quality addition to your home, a properly installed verandah can add thousands to the value of your home. Easy to install and available in a wide variety of styles, colors and options, a verandah is fully tailored to your exact specifications so you can ensure your entire home matches seamlessly. The basic process for choosing and installing your verandah is outlined below:


Meet at your home with your verandah specialist to discuss your ideas, design options and your vision for your verandah. At this point, it is important to cover all areas of the specs of your verandah so you can get a detailed quote for your project, so there are no nasty surprises.

At this point, many photos and measurements are taken to ensure all elements of your verandah are covered. It is here that you can view samples of materials, colors and any other specific features that can make your construction unique such as roof style, gable ends and columns.


Next, the design is sketched up, and your verandah starts to take shape on paper. Once the design of your verandah is sketched, you then have the option to make changes, add in extra elements or get an idea of how your verandah will look blended with the existing structure of the home. When you’re happy with the look of the verandah, the plans will be lodged with the council, and there will be a few weeks wait to check if the plans have been approved and the build can commence.


When the design and drawings have been approved, it’s  then time to move forward with sourcing the quality materials and start the construction process for the verandah. At this point, your verandah will be installed and constructed using quality contractors who have the experience and qualifications for the job.

There are many so called “roofing experts” out there, but you must understand that only expert craftsman will construct your verandah and add in all the essential elements to make your verandah the envy of your street. Once constructed, your new verandah is checked by a council representative, and the DA is complete.

Keep in mind that every constructed verandah in South Australia must always be passed by council to ensure that your property is legal and in the future when you desire to sell your property, you can rest assured that you won’t get into legal problems.

Installing a verandah should always come with a peace of mind that if anything should go wrong, your investment is covered. Therefore, when getting a quote for your verandah, make sure you enquire of the builder’s policy, if they provide some sort of warranty and what’s the duration of the warranty.

Most importantly, soon as you complete the build of your verandah, it’s advisable to get in touch with your insurance company to get your verandah included in your insurance policy if you’re installing to an existing property.

Verandah is an ultimate investment.

It wouldn’t matter if you’re building for yourself or you’re simply building for rent, one thing is certain, building a house is one of the greatest assets anyone can acquire. And it only make sense to make sure that you get an all round full package when installing or adding a verandah to your home. Getting a full package could only happen if you contact a professional with the skill set and experience it require for you to achieve your plan.

If making your home more spacious is what you’re after, renovation or breaking down some part of your house may not be your right call, you could actually gain a lot more by simply adding a verandah to extend the space of your existing home. This will much more cost effective  rather than having to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars in breaking down your home and rebuilding.

Verandahs are used for a variety of purposes, from additional dining space, outdoor living rooms, reading nooks and even a study or playroom, so whatever reason you need more space a new verandah can make your extensive project simple.

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