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Roof restoration, repairs or re-roofing your property can be a massive job, and it’s important to ensure you engage only the very best contractors who are roofing specialists in their own right.

When it comes to roofing services and roofing maintenance, there really is no room for error, and it’s important to engage the services of a licensed and experienced expert who can stand by all roofing repairs and roofing services.

No matter the size or layout of your home or property, roofing services can be one of the more expensive and tricky types of work to undertake and DIY should be avoided at all cost.

Whether you need asbestos removed, roof materials repaired, upgrades or even maintenance, roofing works calls for a reliable specialist, and you should always seek out a local roofing company that is renown for their quality, not just their affordability.

What to look for in a roofing company 

If your Adelaide property needs roofing works it’s time to find an expert with the roofing experience you and skills you need to ensure your roofing works is carried correctly and thoroughly first time.

So, if you’re in the market for a roofing contractor, what should you look for?

Skilled Trades – Roofing Specialists

First, it’s important to find a company those only uses the best contractors for all of the work they undertake, not semi-skills trades that are going to use your home to build their skills and do their training.

The company you engage should have a team of experienced contractors with decades of experience and a strong background in roofing and specialised roofing works. In some cases, contractors or handymen are engaged for a specialist roofing works job and are not properly skilled in roofing repairs, making the job take twice as long and often mean a higher cost for repairs or roofing works.

Using skilled tradesmen who are focused on roofing only will ensure you have a first class service delivered by experts in their chosen trade with the licences and insurance you need to provide the best work and complete peace of mind.

Quality Roofing Materials

Companies that cut corners when it comes to materials will often deliver an inferior service, and you should engage a roofing contractor to carry out works that use the highest quality industry materials and techniques.

Using the best materials will mean that the works will last longer and you won’t need roofing repairs or maintenance carried out as frequently which is a win-win for the property owner. Whether your property is residential or commercial, using the best roofing materials and techniques can enhance the life of your roof and ensure all work is carried out to the highest standard.

Free Roof Inspections and Onsite Quotes

It’s important to look for roofing works companies that take the time to visit your property to quote for a job and provide an onsite review of your roofing needs.

Quoting over the phone can lead to a wide range of variables and your roofing contractor should be interested enough in your work to meet you on site and provide a detailed quotation and review of your property.

It’s important to take photos of the roof before and after so you can get an idea of the work carried out and the quality of the service.

Licensed Roofing Specialists with Liability Insurance

If you are going to have workers undertaking roofing works on the top of your property, it is essential you request to review the roofing contractors licence and liability insurance to ensure you and your property are fully covered in the event of an accident or roofing issue.

Smaller contractors or non-specialist roofing contractors may not have adequate insurance and licences, and you may not be covered in the event of an accident, so it is important to ensure you engage a contractor that has the essential insurance and coverage you need to get the roofing works done safely and without any issues.

Backed by Experience

With so many roofing contractors available, when you are looking for the right person for the job it’s essential to look for a company that has plenty of reviews, testimonials and years of experience.

Using a company that has not only got experienced trades in place but also years of happy customers will undoubtedly provide you with access to a recommended roofing contractor that has the experience to provide a service that is backed by the community. Doing some research and ensuring you are using a company that has the experience and history of providing great roofing works is essential.

Rite Price Roofing – Our Services

In Adelaide, one of the best choices for roofing works and repairs is Rite Price Roofing. With a full-service offering of roof restoration and roofing works, Rite Price Roofing offers a complete service that includes verandah, patio, carport and guttering repairs, upgrades and installation.

Rite Price Roofing is a highly specialised local roofing company that engages only the best expert tradesmen for all work across Adelaide. We offer affordable rates and deliver the best services each and every time.

While it can be a challenge to find quality contractors, Rite Price Roofing has enlisted the best contractors across the board to offer the finest level of roofing works in the local area.

Services offered by Rite Price include:


When it comes to roofing, Rite Price Roofing are ahead of the game for quality materials, colours and service. Our team are dedicated to customer service and go above and beyond to ensure you get the best quality service all delivered on time and budget.

roofing adelaide

We understand fixing or installing your roof is an inconvenience and go above and beyond to ensure all work is carried out in a timely fashion and the work we undertake is all backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Our services include new roofing, re-roofing, insulation, and asbestos removal. We use Colorbond steel roofing for our work and offer a comprehensive range of colours to suit roofing, gutters, fascia and downpipes.

All of our roofing projects are focused on ensuring your home is protected from extreme weather conditions and protected from natural elements. We stand by all of the work and materials we use on roofing projects and are focused on delivering a service that is backed by our years of experience.


Solar Power Systems | Solar Panels AdelaideWith the world turning to solar and tapping into the tremendous environment and financial benefits of using the sun for energy now is the time to install solar power and take advantage of this cost-saving power and energy source.

Suitable for a wide range of properties, solar power is good for the environment and an effective way to cut down on electricity costs.

Installed on your roof or in a suitable location on your property, the Rite Price Roofing team can visit your property and provide an estimate on the solar power system that suits your property and your needs.

Whether you have a large family or you are single, installing solar is a fantastic way to protect the environment and save big dollars on your annual bills by using a fully renewable energy source that is readily available and never likely to run out.


Gutter works adelaideWhile you might not spend a whole lot of time thinking about your gutters, they are an essential part of your home or property and work to ensure your property is protected from water damage and flooding in the event of large rain storms and wild weather.

Gutters are installed to protect the exterior of your home including the foundations and also to prevent walls, windows and external framework from cracking under the weight of wild weather.

Rite Price Roofing install, repair and maintain all gutters for properties and can help if you have a clogged, leaking or broken gutter. We work to ensure that your property is protected and only use the finest materials for all work to ensure your gutters stand the test of time.


In Australia living outdoors is the norm and if you have the space a verandah, patio, pergola or carport is the way to take advantage of the space in your home so you can enjoy it with family and friends.

Perfect for protecting you and your family so you can relax, dine and play in comfort, verandahs are the perfect addition to any property and add value.

Roofing & Roof Restoration by Rite Price Roofing

Rite Price Roofing install, repair and maintain a broad range of alfresco spaces across Adelaide and can provide a detailed quote including design for your outdoor area. If you are looking to enhance your lifestyle with an outdoor verandah or outdoor living area, Rite Price Roofing are available to provide the solution to meet your needs.

Whatever your outdoor roofing requirements, Rite Price Roofing offer a wide range of roofing works and services for customers across Adelaide.

Rite Price Roofing Adelaide will provide no obligation free quotes for all or your roofing restoration needs. Our team use only the very best quality products and our expert tradespeople deliver the very best, long-lasting results. Contact us today!