As the summer months roll in, so do the summer storms and all of the other elements can cause issues with your roof. To make sure you are ready for summer, there are a few simple steps to make sure your roof is in great shape, and you don’t need to worry about the elements causing you stress.

While in Australia we don’t really have to worry about snow, we really do need to worry about the sun’s harsh rays, roof damage caused by winds and the elements and also any upkeep that could cause issues should there be a summer storm including hail, lightning or a heavy downpour.

To ensure your roof is in the best condition, it’s a great idea to check it on a regular basis to have the peace of mind your property is protected and you don’t need to worry about your roof in the event of a storm or summer weather event. Carry out regular checks of your roof to make sure you know of anything that needs repair or maintenance

Often one of the biggest issues when it comes to roof maintenance are the small issues that turn into big issues when left unattended. The same goes for your roof, if you conduct regular checks of your roof and see there is damage or you have a cracked tile or shingle, you can attend to the matter quickly and effectively, so that the issues don’t spread or cause a greater concern such as leaking or worse still long-term damage such as damp or mould.

Checking your roof tiles, shingles or sheet metal is quick and easy and you can inspect for any concerns you might need fixed ahead of the summer months.

There are professional roof inspectors that can inspect and repair while they are up on your roof, saving you time and money on repair bills. Clear out your gutters and ensure your roof is tidy and free from debris.

Like any area of your house, if you have debris or your roof isn’t tidy, this could wind up causing issues for your roof. Any leaves, dirt, branches or debris that is stuck in your down pipes, guttering or on your roof can cause issues and if you want to make sure that water is safely draining off your roof, you will need to ensure you regularly check and clear your roof from any debris.

The roof has a specific purpose and ensuring the space is clear and free form tree branches and leaves will allow your roof to perform its job year-round. Not only this, in summer there are often electrical storms and lighting and having a roof that is free from debris is a great way to ensure your roof is not at risk in a storm of being damaged.

Keep an eye out for rust on your roof

Something to keep an eye out for on your roof is rust, as the metal on your roof including gutters and drains can runt and might need replacing from time to time. If you have solar panels, there might also be rust on your metal components, so carry out regular checks to make sure you are happy with the condition of your roof ahead of the summer months in particular.

Summer rain can cause issues – repair your roof as issues are found

If you do find any maintenance concern in your checks and maintenance of your roof, be sure to attend to them straight away. Leaving your repairs for another time can be costly if you do have a summer storm and your roof is further damaged. Keep in mind that your home and contents are at stake and your roof should be safe and secure at all times.

Trim back any trees that are near your roof

A simple and effective way to make sure your roof is ready for summer is to trim back any overhanging trees to ensure your property is safe and you won’t have fallen branches on your roof during a storm. While it is great to have some shade on your roof, the branches, twigs, leaves and debris can be problematic, so clearing and trimming back is essential on a regular basis.

To find out more about how to get your roof in great shape for summer speak with your local roofing expert today. Arrange a free quote and repairs to ensure your roof and home is ready for the summer months.