When it comes to the great outdoors, there are many creatures we enjoy observing. We certainly don’t get the same sense of enjoyment, however, when we observe these creatures on our roofs!

Possums are common creatures that have a tendency to damage your roof, and if you spot this issue, you should take measures to ensure that the possums are discouraged from residing on and damaging your roof. Here are three simple measures you can take yourself to stop your neighbourhood possums from ruining your roof.

Trim Your Tree Branches

If you’ve seen possums on your roof, the chances of them getting up there without the help of a convenient nearby tree are pretty slim, unless the possums in your area are extra agile. Take a look at your yard and see if you can discover the mode of transport the possum used.

Then take care to trim up any branches near the side of your house, especially if there are branches growing directly over your roof. Try to keep the tree branches trimmed at least ten feet away from your roof. Also, avoid planting climbing plants around your home to ensure the possums don’t find another mode of transport up to your roof.

Climb-Proof Your Tree Trunks

Though you may be able to control how many branches are growing towards your house and roof, you aren’t always able to easily control where in your yard the trees themselves grow. If you have large trees near your home that you don’t want to get rid of, there’s another simple solution that will rid the possum of his ability to climb the tree trunk and reach your roof.

Simply install aluminium or plastic tree guards that wrap around the mature tree trunk. Ensure that you install the tree guard at least two metres above the ground so that the possum can’t climb anything to access the tree’s trunk above the guard.

Disinfect and Repair Roof Tiles

If you find that possums have already lifted your roof tiles and made their way inside for a sleeping den, you should approach the area during the day. Ensure that the possums are not sleeping inside, and have the damaged area repaired. After the repair is complete, ensure that you disinfect the area to rid it of the possum smell so you don’t attract any more possums to the area.

Roof-Safe Possum Repellents

Another easy fix that’s quite effective in deterring the possums from returning to your roof is a roof-safe possum repellent. These can either be homemade or store bought. An effective ingredient for a homemade version is Quassia Chips. These can be boiled, and then sprayed on the roof to cause a bitter taste, which the pestering possum certainly won’t enjoy when he licks his paws.

Ridding your roof of your neighbourhood possums is a critical measure in ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged beyond repair. Overall regular roof maintenance, however, and consistent trimming of tree branches will ensure that your roof remains void of the creatures to begin with.

Staying on top of your roof’s maintenance is ultimately the key to avoiding possum damage and unnecessary roof repair.