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Why engage Rite Price Roofing for your roof restoration & painting?

When you have a tired looking roof there are plenty of options. Instead of replacing your entire roof, you could undertake a roof restoration & painting project .


Roof restoration and painting is a simple and efficient way of breathing fresh life into your roof to ensure your home has the kerb appeal you need to sell the home or simply make the home more presentable.


If you’re looking to sell or you just want your home to have a fresh look, restoring and painting your roof is a simple and quick way to create a new look for your home and ensure your roof doesn’t let down the presentation of your property.


In this article, we explore the reasons why you might need your roof restored or painted, and how to find a quality roof restoration specialist as well as other considerations when you look to undertake roof renovations and maintenance.


Why you need roof restoration and painting


There are plenty of reasons why you might need roof restoration.


Exterior upgrade

If you are updating your home’s exterior and are looking to enhance the home with a whole new colour scheme to the exterior of the home a roof restoration expert may be required to refurbish your roof and paint it, to match other elements of your new outdoor upgrade colour scheme including guttering and paint on your exterior walls.


Roof restoration and repainting is cheaper than replacing a roof and can be a quick way to freshen up the look of a home without needing to undertake any structural upgrades. Simply prepare the roof, paint and you have a bright new roof that looks brand new.


Adding an extension

If you’re adding an extension to the property and need to colour match paint or you’re undertaking repairs and need to coat new roofing materials undertaking a roof painting project is a simple way to streamline the entire look of your property without it looking patchy.


Adding extensions and extra space is fantastic for resale value, however, to ensure a completed look roof painting will tie in all the visual elements of your home and ensure you create a look that runs throughout your home.


Major renovations

If you have undergone a major roof renovation, whatever the reason roof paint will improve the overall look of your property and is considerably cheaper than removing and adding a new roof. While you might have a range of different roof materials, tying it all together with the same roof paint can work to weave the exterior of your home together so it compliments the colours of the rest of your home or at least looks similar enough upon close inspection.


Types of roofs that can be restored & painted


No matter what reason you have for painting your roof, it’s possible to paint a broad range of roofing materials quite easily.


If you’re an Adelaide home owner and you are thinking about getting your roof painted there are plenty of options. All types of roof materials can be painted so if you are considering an affordable upgrade for your roof a repaint could be just the thing for your home to add extra value to your property.


Types of roofs that can be painted include:


Colorbond roofs

This style of roofs can be painted easily. If you want your Colorbond roof to match the rest of your property or if you have different roof colours on your home, painting your Colorbond roof is simple and effective.


Colorbond is by far one of the most popular roof choices in Australia and painting a Colorbond roof is a quick way to get a refreshed look for the exterior of your home.


Rusty metal roofs

If you have an old roof that is full of rust and made from metal you can paint it for a quick fix if the roof is water tight, this is a great option if you are listing the property for sale and you want to ensure your roof is looking in tip top shape.


It’s important to note that painting a metal roof is only a temporary fix and you should consider replacing the entire roof as soon as it is possible as a rusted roof can only be patched up and eventually over time the metal or material will need to be replaced.


Unsealed terracotta tiles

Tiles can provide a dated look to your home and if you want to modernise the look of the exterior roof area, updating the colour of your unsealed roof tiles can provide the modern look you are hoping to achieve.


Be aware that terracotta tiles that are glazed should not be painted and you should speak with your roofing expert to discuss if the painting will work on your specific tile to ensure you are spending your money on a service that is likely to last.


If painting the tiles is simply a short-term solution you should be aware of the lifespan of the paint job to ensure you are getting value for money.


Concrete tiles


Concrete tiles can be painted to add a clean and fresh look to the roof, the same can be said though about sealed tiles whether they are made from concrete or terracotta, be aware that anyone suggesting they can paint sealed tiles should be avoided due to the fact that the paint won’t last and the job won’t be of a high quality.


Steps for restoring and painting a roof 


The process of painting a roof is a little more detailed that grabbing a tin of paint and brush and applying some coats of paint, the process is carried out by licenced and insured painting professionals with the skills to ensure your project lasts.


Here are some basic steps for roof painting.


Roof inspection

This is one of the essential steps in the process, and whichever company you engage you should always ensure you are provided with a free onsite quote for all work to ensure you are quoted properly, and you know the exact price of the job before you start. Roof painting to an untrained eye might look like a simple process however it is essential to have a roof inspection to ensure any cracks, leaks or issues are detected ahead of any painting taking place.


Roof repairs (if required)

If roof repairs are required, this is the time they would be undertaken to ensure all of the cracks, leaks and any replacements are carried out before the roof painting takes place.


Roof preparation

In this step, the roof is cleaned and any algae, dirt or mould is removed so the surface is clear and ready for painting. Your roofing professional should take plenty of time and also photos to show you the before and after in this process.


Roof paint and seal

At this point, it is time to paint your roof using your freshly chosen colour. The paint is applied with a spray gun and your roofing expert will work to cover the entire roof span. You might also wish to consider upgrading your guttering to match the chosen colour of your new roof.


Once you do paint your new roof it’s important to continue your regular maintenance and cleaning process, while your roof might look brand new it is important to ensure your roof upkeep continues to protect the longevity of your roofing work.


The process for roof painting is unique to each provider however it is important that you ensure your contractor uses materials and paints of the highest quality. Take the time to ask questions and find out what your roofing company is using on your home to ensure your project stands the test of time.


Why you should engage Rite Price Roofing for your roof restoration and painting project 


When you look at the process, painting your roof is a massive job, and you want to ensure it is done by an expert with the knowledge and understanding of how to do the job right the first time.


Your roof is one of the most valuable elements to your home and encompasses your pride and joy. If your home is not adequately protected by a functioning roof, your home and contents could be in jeopardy. It is essential to ensure your roofing project is carried out using quality materials and you are covered by a full warranty.


If you’re looking to restore the beauty to your roof and ensure your roof is coated with the best quality products you should locate a roofing contractor that is well known across Adelaide as being one of the leading roofing companies in the local area.


Rite Price Roofing go above and beyond to ensure all of our customers get the best roof painting and roofing work carried out to the highest standard. We are well known throughout Adelaide as one of the leading roofing companies and stand by our dedication to customer service and quality.


Speak with one of the team from Rite Price Roofing today and arrange your free onsite roof painting quote. Our team provide services all across Adelaide, and we are proud to stand by our commitment to a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all work we undertake.