Roof restoration is an important seasonal job and unfortunately it is one of those tasks that keeps getting pushed back further and further and now that Christmas is around the corner and those trips away from work and getting out of the house are getting closer by the day, no one wants to be getting up on their roof to see if there is any damage or cleaning that needs to get done. Adelaide weather can be very unpredictable and harsh during most seasons, ensuring that your roof is in top quality condition and is ready for anything the weather throws at us is very important.

Before any work is done it is highly recommended to get a professional roof restoration company to complete the following tasks. It is not as simple as a DIY fix it yourself, your roof restoration must be handled properly to ensure your home is getting assessed and restored professionally!

The Process!

Roof Assessment
First things first! You need to get your roof evaluated and assessed before any work gets done. There is no benefit just doing a patch job on your roof, it is a very important structural part of your home and a safety concern for you, your family and your neighbourhood if it is not fixed properly. Therefore you need to get a professional roof restoration quote before any work gets done.


After you have your assessment completed, the roof restoration process can begin, it is time to get it clean! The years worth of moss, debris and grime needs to be removed and the most efficient way is by using a professional pressure cleaner. These can clean through all the gaps of tiles, ridges of corrugated roofs and even exteriors of chimney flutes. During this process no chemicals will be used.

Roof Repairs

Now that your roof is clean and free of any debris it is time to start getting all the maintenance on the exterior of the roof. Every damage point that was reported in the assessment stage is addressed here. Any damaged tiles, eaves, any lifting or cracking whatever the damage is to your roof, it must get fixed during this stage.
This includes rebedding and repointing all loose and misaligned ridge caps. Rebedding is also something that may get addressed during the roof restoration process, this must be done if there are any cracks or broken parts to the mortar.

Protective coating

The next step is applying a protective chemical treatment coating to the roof after all the repairs have been completed. This step is crucial to increasing the longevity and durability of your roof, prolonging the time before the next maintenance. After the coating is dry we are all ready to paint. This step is allowing you to add another protective layer to your roof, especially when a Quality DULUX Paint is used. This paint ensures the maximum protection and also brings a new look to your restored roof and your entire home.

Final Step!

Once all the previous jobs are done a final assessment must be completed to thoroughly check over the roof restoration and ensure that nothing has been forgotten or missed accidentally.

The After!

In between your roof restorations make sure you are still doing what you can at home to look after your roof. Simple things like cleaning leaves and dirt out of gutters and downpipes, then flushing water through them can go a long way in keeping your roof in top notch condition. Any blockages in your gutters and pipes can cause water to sit in them for long periods of time causing water damage and leakage inside your home. Also ensure to get your satellites, vents and chimneys checked for any loose fitting which can cause damage over time.