If you’re looking to transform your home or property and you need to replace your roof, there are a wide range of roof replacement experts available in Adelaide South Australia that are qualified and experienced to undertake a roof replacement on your behalf.

While it can sometimes be a last resort, if you are purchasing an older home or a period property that is over 40 to 50 years of age a roof replacement is a common way to fix and update a roof when it has come to the end of its natural life. Delaying a roof replacement can be a big hazard and affect the safety of the rest of the property under the roof space.

We’ve outlined in this article potential signs you need to replace your roof, why you should consider roof replacement, and roof replacement costs and considerations for Australian property owners.

General reasons you need a new roof

roof replacementA leaking roof, mould in the roof structure or a range of other simple and seemingly minor elements could draw you to the conclusion that you need your roof checked by a qualified roof restoration expert. Often when an inspection takes place, large issues may be uncovered making it apparent a roof replacement is inevitable.

Potential signs you may need your roof replaced include:

Shingles or tiles are cracked/damaged and at the end of their life

If you have a shingled roof, after a time the shingles will end up curling at the edges signifying the time has come to replace your roof. Similarly, if you have a tiled roof, after 40 to 50 years a roof will need replacing so being aware of the year of construction will provide some insights into the life of the roofing product used.

Tiles usually last 40 to 50 years on an average house in Australia with average wear and metal sheeting also has its own expected lifespan, so when you purchase a home it’s important to be aware of the age and if any of the roofing has been replaced to get an idea if future replacement is likely during the period you wish to reside or own the property.

Old and worn roof that is clearly aged

When purchasing property, an aged roof that hasn’t been well cared for can often spell the need for a roof replacement. If you have experienced leaks, poor ventilation, moss, stains or the roof just isn’t adequately functioning; a roof replacement could be in order, and a roof repairer will give you an honest and professional opinion.

While a roof restoration is a quick and usually a cheaper option if your roof is old and worn out and likely to need a lot of repairs continuously it might be worth weighing up the cost. Also, considering that old roofs are not always environmentally efficient so installing a new roof can add to lowering your energy costs.

Modernisation of a property

Sometimes if you are looking to modernise a property, a new roof will add the look and feel you’re searching for and transform the property instantly. Whether you’re looking for a sleek Colorbond roof or you’re after a modern concrete tiled roof, removing an old tired roof is a simple way to add value to a property and improve the overall look quickly.

Moss and damage is affecting your home, and the damage is irreplaceable

If your roof hasn’t been well cared for over the life of the property, the damage from moss or environmental elements may mean it is not worth restoration, and a full roof replacement is by far the most beneficial option. Ongoing roof repairs can be costly over time, and if you calculate repairs and ongoing visits and determine a new roof will save you money in the long run then a roof replacement is a good option.

Asbestos roof materials are cracked

While having a fully functioning asbestos roof is not a major issue, if the asbestos roof materials are cracked or no longer water tight you will need to remove the asbestos materials quickly and safely to ensure your health is not affected.

Coating asbestos sheeting was commonplace in years gone by however the dangerous health effects have not been exposed and taking precautions is important for home and property owners. Many individuals who purchase an existing property with asbestos roof sheeting will look to get this removed and replaced and this could be a viable consideration for roof replacement.

Getting the best price for a roof replacement

Replacing your roof can vary considerably in price for a range of reasons including access, how steep the roof is, whether you need guttering replaced, quality of the insulation and even difficulty removing the previous roofing materials and disposing of it safely. If you are looking to replace your roof you should always ensure you engage a professional supplier who is trained, qualified and certified for all work.

Other things to consider to get the best price for your roof replacement include:

Engage professional roof restoration contractors

It goes without saying that if you engage a professional that understands the ins and outs of roof replacement, you will probably get a quote that is affordable and straightforward. Engaging contractors that don’t specialise in roof replacement may mean they take longer, have more issues with materials and don’t get the job done quickly and efficiently meaning you pay more for labour.

Ask for a fixed price and ensure you get lots of photos of before and after and always get the roof checked by an independent certifier to ensure the quality of the work is of the highest standard.

Look for a price that includes a warranty

Often paying slightly more to be covered by warranty will save you money in the long run, ask around and find a contractor that has a guarantee of quality, so you don’t have to pay for repairs or issues should the roof not work adequately.

Shop around for quotes

If you know how many square metres of roof you have and the material you want to use for your roof, you can shop around for quote from local reliable suppliers. Taking the time to understand what you are looking for and doing a little bit of legwork would save you money in the long run and allow you to get a really competitive price for your roof replacement.

Ensure all of the steps in the roof replacement are included in the quote

There are a fair few steps in the roof removal and replacement process, and you should always ensure that all of these steps are included in your quote. Steps such as removal of your old roof, adding a protective skin under the roof to add a layer of protection, installing or fixing new battens, adding additional insulation (if required), adding in a whirly bird for ventilation, laying new roofing materials, ridge capping and repointing, disposing of old materials and any ongoing maintenance and warranty should be included in your quote, if it’s not, you should make further enquiries into the cost for each of these steps to ensure you are getting a competitive rate.

If you have a metal or tile roof and you are in need of a roof replacement, it is important to consult with a roof replacement expert as soon as possible to ensure you are not causing any damage to your property in events where roofs are damaged or exposed to weather conditions. When the time comes for a roof replacement and you’re looking for an affordable and cost-effective option for a new roof, it’s worth doing your research and tracking down an experience roofing expert with the knowledge of tiles and sheet metal roofing to ensure you get a new roof at the most affordable price.

Transform your home or commercial property and upgrade your old and tired roof with a new roof that will improve the overall look and value of your home. When the cost of restoration or repairing just doesn’t add up, replacing your roof with new and improved materials is an effective way to improve the value or your home and ensure your roof is water tight and energy efficient for decades to come.