Your roof is one of the most important parts of your entire home. Not only is it one of the first things that people see when they walk by; it also provides shelter from the elements. On top of all of that, your roof is an important design element that impacts the look of your whole home.

Over time, though, your roof is bound to deteriorate as both the elements and age catch up with it. Here’s how to know when to show your roof some love when it’s showing the first signs of dilapidation.  Act early and reduce your overall roof repairs cost.

Look for Signs from the Inside

Sometimes, you don’t even have to climb on top of your roof to determine if it’s begun to rot and deteriorate. You can just stay inside and look at the ceiling of your attic in search of signs of roof deterioration.

These include the unmistakable signs of places where the roof deck is actually sagging, dark trails and spots, sunlight filtering in through the attic, and indications of both water damage and leaking. When you see any of these signs on their own it means it’s time to start showing your roof some love!

Inspect the Drainage from the Outside

Now that you’ve taken care of checking the inside of the roof from your attic, you’re ready to graduate to an exterior check. One of the first things you want to hone in on is any issue related to faulty drainage. To do this, start with the downspouts and the gutters.

Make sure that both are safely attached and secured. In addition, any drains should be free from blockage, so that they allow the water to completely exit. Finally, all downspouts and gutters have to be free and clear of any debris, too, because they need to drain the water effectively.

Look for Signs of Moisture from the Outside

When you see signs of moisture on your roof, you know it’s time to start repairing it. There are various signs of moisture that you should be aware of. One of the most obvious is wet spots, which might not even be found right under a faulty shingle, but may actually move down to their lowest point prior to dripping.

If you have a wet spot anywhere on your roof, know that bacteria, fungi and mould can set in within one to two days of the wet spot appearing. This then has the chance to cause even further damage to your roof.

These are the various, telltale signs of a bad roof that needs fixing and repair immediately. There’s nothing worse than neglecting problems in your roof since they will only get a lot worse. If you find any of these problems, it’s a great idea to call a roof repairs Adelaide specialist, so that you can nip the problem in the bud.

If you fail to do so, your roof repair concerns may turn into something worse. So be sure to take roof issues seriously, for the love of your home!