The Australian climate is extreme and can experience drastic changes from season to season. The continuous rotation of salty air, high winds, hailstorms, rainstorms, and the like are destined to wreck havoc on your roof. Some roofs stand up to the abuse longer than others, but eventually repairs are needed to keep everything in shipshape.

There is no standard style or even material for a household roof. Each roof type has a repair and restoration process unique to itself. In your search to find the right roof repair services, the traits that make your roof unique should have the strongest influence.

Tiled Roofs: Terracotta and Concrete

Tiled roofs are the most popular choice for roofing materials in Australia. They work wonderfully for water drainage and they are theoretically made to last for 30 to 50 years. Their longevity is certainly an attractive feature, but it is also important to note that those 30-odd years will not pass without incident.

Tiled roofs typically require restoration every 10 to 15 years and a higher degree of regular maintenance compared to some of the other roofing options out there.

Given their popularity, finding a contractor who is familiar with tiled roofs and how to repair and restore them shouldn’t be too difficult. Leaks and replacing damaged tiles are commonplace problems with tiled roofs, and the right contractor will have plenty of experience repairing them.

Your best bet is to look for a company that offers services dealing specifically with the problems affecting your home. Most companies offer service packages based around these issues, like pressurized cleaning, waterproofing, ridge capping replacements, and re-tiling.

Metal Roofs: Colorbond and Tin

Metal roofs, though not as popular as tiled roofs, are also common in Australia, especially in the last decade. Lower-pitched roof styles, in particular, are ideally suited for this material, though the flexibility of metal materials lends itself to almost every style imaginable. Metal roofs have become an attractive option for homeowners because of their perceived advantages over tiles, including fewer leaks and more durability, though it will theoretically need replacing within 30 years.

The one major flaw of these roofs is rust corrosion due to salt, especially for houses located in coastal cities like Adelaide.

Repairing a metal roof is often a matter of tightening loose screws, sealing up seams that are pulling apart, and reapplying a rust-proof coating. All things considered, the most common repairs can be easily sorted out by a qualified professional. Look for companies that not only specialize in metal roof installations of whatever material your roof is made of, but also those who offer roof restoration services.

If your roof is noticeably in need of repair, it’s also likely that hidden issues (like a faded top coat) are at work chipping away at the integrity of your roof. Metal roofs on coastal homes, for instance, should be inspected every few years at the minimum to ensure rust spots are caught well in advance of posing any real threat (like a leak) that could lead to more serious issues down the line.

Green Roofs: The Eco-Friendly Option

Green roofs, or “living roofs,” consist of a layer of insulation secured with a waterproof membrane. Lying over the waterproof layer is a drainage and irrigation system. The final layer is composed of hardy plant life capable of surviving a wide array of climates and weather conditions.

Think of them as rooftop gardens (without the patio) that have the potential to save homeowners a considerable sum of money on heating and cooling costs.

Very little is known about the longevity of green roofs because they are still very new to the Australian market. Even so, chances are you’ve seen this roof type at work in various parts of Adelaide, which is currently leading the way in Australia’s eco-friendly roofing revolution.

While the popularity of green roofs is steadily growing, there still isn’t much in the way of roofers who have the know-how to perform repairs on these roofs. For the moment, repairs and restorations should only be trusted to the installing company.

Research and Vetting

As with any other service or major home purchase, roof plumbers and contractors should be vetted and researched before hiring. Not everyone who claims to know the ins and outs of roofing is reliable. Tile and metals roofs have been around for decades, which means that there have been professionals in this field for just as long.

Problems unique to each roof type can only be spotted by those who know what to look for. Referrals and reviews are both fantastic ways of gauging the workmanship quality and capability of a company.

Get a Second, Third, or Even a Fourth Opinion

Getting multiple estimates before going through with the repair is a smart way to save time and money. Most roofing companies are more than happy to conduct an inspection and write up an estimate. Some roofers will even break down the estimate in terms of what repairs are in need of immediate action versus minor issues that aren’t as time sensitive.

With some crafty bargaining, you may even be able to negotiate a deal where the contractor may offer to install or suggest preventative measures that could prolong the life of your roof. Asking for an estimate from multiple parties will also give you a chance to compare the rates and the quality of service offered by each company.

Tiled, metal, and green roofs all have advantages, but none are exempt from the damage cause by storms, erosion over time, and unforeseeable accidents. Finding the right roof repair service for your roof issues will hinge on your patience and the research you conduct before pursuing repair services.

Start off the process of tackling repairs by getting to know the style of your roof and the specific quality roofing products used to build it. The more knowledgeable you are, the easier it will be to have a productive, informed discussion about the repairs to your roof needs.