Whether you’ve owned your home for decades or you’re in the market for your first house, one major consideration for any homeowner is the condition of their home’s roof.

A good roof can last for a minimum of ten years, and those who invest in regular maintenance will typically see their roof last thirty years or longer.

Signs of a poor roof might include gutters that hang down, leaks in the attic or on the second floor and water damage inside or outside of interior walls. While repairing a roof can add value to a home, there are a few roof repair benefits you probably didn’t consider.

Save Money in the Long Run

One of the reasons why homeowners hesitate before repairing or replacing a roof is the cost of the job.

While it’s true that making roof repairs will have costs attached as with any other home renovation or repair with a roof, ignoring a necessary repair will typically cause a massive increase in costs later.

Something as simple as a small leak can lead to catastrophic water damage and mould that may necessitate a complete replacement of the roof. It’s far better to spend a smaller amount on today’s maintenance and repair than tomorrow’s total replacement.

Keep Animals and Birds Out

Any type of damage to a roof is an invitation for small animals. Tiny rodents need only a hole the size of their heads to slip inside. Once they have breached the roof and are inside the attic or the walls, those animals build nests, breed and spread into other areas of the house.

They also tend to attract other pests which can start to eat away at your home’s structure, causing weakness.

Birds and other flying creatures use holes in the roof to fly inside and build nests as well. It can take hundreds of dollars or more to hire an exterminator to get rid of those pests costs that can be avoided by ensuring that your roof is repaired on a regular basis.

Feel Safe and Comfortable

Your home should be the place that you and your family feel the safest but you certainly won’t feel that way if your roof is damaged, leaking or suffering from other issues.

If you’re hearing pieces of your roof flying around when it’s a bit stormy outside, it’s clearly time to get things repaired. Small bits of damage add up, and it’s only a matter of time before your roof is so structurally weak that a significant windstorm can strip it away.

Adding value is one of the biggest reasons why home owners opt for roofing repairs but it isn’t the only one.

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