Verandahs Adelaide - Installing a Verandah may increase your property worth

There is a wide range of reasons why building a verandah will increase the overall worth of your property.

The verandah not only is an extension of your property and plays a pivotal role in the presentation of your property it is extra living space that is a very valuable addition to the square metres of space for your family or residents of your home to enjoy.

In this article, we explore why a verandah adds value to your home, reasons why you should build a verandah that increases your property worth and ideas for verandahs that will provide to be a valuable addition to your home or commercial property.

Why does a verandah add value to your home?

Adding a verandah to your home or property adds value for many reasons. It is simply an extension of your home or property and is included in the under roof space in your house plans, meaning that per metre adding a verandah is a valuable asset.

As well as the hard financial benefits of having a verandah in your property there are a range of reasons outlined below:

Australians in particular love the outdoors

It goes without saying that Aussies love the great outdoors and time spent entertaining, lounging or relaxing outdoors is considered time well spent in the whole scheme of life.

When buying or selling a home, potential buyers seek a property with a relaxed and functional outdoor space (preferably covered) and having a verandah, pergola or undercover space that is protected with a roof is a popular option for homebuyers.

Entertaining with friends and family is a way of life and having a verandah on a property is a massive benefit for any property.

You’ll increase the under-roof space of a property

Having a verandah will add valuable under roof space to a property when it is being valued.

As the space is very usable and functional, a certified valuer will incorporate this space into the total area of the home, and the main dwelling will be assessed with the verandah in it.

Adding value via installing a verandah will increase your property’s worth and add some serious benefit to individuals looking to put their property on the market.

Having a dedicated outdoor lifestyle space is valuable

If you own a home that is small inside or only has one living space, a verandah is considered an outdoor room and will significantly benefit the overall value of your home.

The verandah is a permanent structure attached to the dwelling and produces a wide range of both lifestyle and property valuation benefits.

Well designed verandahs are welcoming

If you do add a verandah to your property and it is properly constructed and has all the relevant building permits the structure alone could add an extra $10,000 to $20,000 in value to your home.

The structure, if created with quality materials, adds to the look of the property and creates additional space that was not previously available and makes it usable and functional for the residents.

Extends your space

Verandahs extend your space in a wide range of ways and add some additional storage and entertaining areas you may not have enjoyed to begin with.

Verandahs are considered an extension of your home and will increase your sale price considerable or at least the value of the home should you wish to use the equity in your home for future investments.

De-clutters your home

Having a verandah allows for more of your possessions to be spread out across your home and for your living to be done across a wider space.

While this might not in effect add immediate value to your home, if you are looking to sell having a home that is free from clutter can showcase the home in a better light and lead to a better sale price.

Saves energy costs

In some cases, having a verandah can save heating and cooling costs due to the overhang of the additional roof space on a property.

As well as the additional roof area which can create shade or protection over the main property structure, having an area to relax outdoors that is undercover may also reduce the need for residents to run expensive air conditioning and cooling devices, saving property running costs and a great deal of energy over the life of the home.

Ideas for building a verandah to add value

It’s fairly clear that there is a wide range of reasons why you should consider adding a verandah to add value to your property and increase the property’s worth, but now that this has been established it is important to be aware of ideas for building a verandah that is perfect for your needs.

Valuable verandah designs will usually include the following elements:

Choose an attractive design

Selecting a verandah style that is attractive and complimentary to the existing structure is an important consideration in the verandah construction process. Having a matching or complimentary style verandah will blend in with your home or property and have a seamless effect.

If you are building a verandah onto an existing home to add value you can add modern materials to period style property or you can add contrasting styles, it’s best to discuss styling and design options with a qualified and experience verandah construction company.

Aim to match or compliment the existing structure

If you can, matching the existing structure is ideal and can be done in most cases, by simply matching materials and paint.

If you think it will boost the value of the property considerably, you might wish to give the outside of the property a freshen up with a coat of paint to ensure the new structure blends in with the property.

Colour palates, railings and features of the verandah should tie in and match the style of the property, so if you have a plantation style home, it’s wise to aim to install a verandah that mimics these styling elements.

Use quality materials

Using the best materials that stand the test of time is essential. Once built, your verandah will be part of your home or commercial property and building inspections will need to take place to ensure the structure and materials are of the highest quality to pass council building standards.

Ensuring you use quality materials such as metal roofing, terracotta tiling, wooden or metal railing as well as quality flooring such as decking is essential and you will be thankful for investing the extra money to ensure your materials are of the highest quality when the property is being valued.

Ensure the addition is approved by council

An extension such as the addition of a verandah will need to be passed through council and approved if this is not done and you decide to sell your property it is most likely the verandah will need to be removed.

While arranging a professional verandah design to be drawn up, plans altered and the council approval process to be undertaken may seem like a drawn out process, it is important to go through the motions as adding a verandah will add considerable value however only if it is approved and listed on the house plans.

Any issues with extension approvals may affect the valuation of your property and in the event of a sale, this could be a major sticking point for potential buyers and even the banks.

Make sure they are safe

Verandahs are part of a property and just as you would ensure the inside of your home is safe you should ensure that proper railing and safety guards are in place to ensure the safety of all users of the verandah.

Often verandahs are raised from the ground and in this instance you should make sure fencing, railings or protective measures are in place for all ages so that your family, friends and residents are protected from a fall.

Building a verandah or outdoor living space of any kind is a fantastic investment and any property owner living in Australia should take advantage of the potential outdoor living space they have available and transform it into a verandah area if their budget and space allows.

Outdoor living is a national past time in Australia and with the warm climate and the incredible weather, having a verandah will increase your property value and the overall worth of the property considerably.

If you’re looking to add value to your residential property or commercial property by installing a verandah, speak with your local verandah construction specialist and ensure you engage specialists who are licensed and experienced in verandah construction.