The more we take responsibility for our actions the less chance we have in repeating a mistake. Taking responsibility does not only protect us from unwanted circumstances, it also protect people around us from getting affected by an irresponsible actions we might have taken in the place of a responsible one.

Everybody knows the South Australia is prone to bush fire and just about anything could start a wild fire. Well, the responsible thing to do is to put in place as much preventive measure as possible to ensure that the occurrence of bush fire is very minimal if it ever happens at all.

When you intentionally brainstorm the the cause of home fire hazards and it effects, it may naturally occur to you that simple things such as grease fires on the stove, fireplace issues, cigarette smoking and badly connected electrical circuits may spark a dangerous fire outbreak. This type of analogy is very innocent and acceptable.

The fact however is, things can go further than that. Things that goes unnoticed, such as; clogged gutters filled with dry leaves or debris can be a breeding ground for a fire hazard.

What’s clogging up my gutters?

Your roof was systematically design to keep water off of it by passing it through certain channels all the way into the canals. Your roof was meticulously crafted to ensure that your home remain dry even when the sky is pouring out all its contents in form of rain. And that why you have a gutter. Your gutters are the channels that collect the outpouring of rain from your roof, pass it down the pipe fittings in a highly controlled manner, all the way into the canals so much that you don’t even notice it.

The moment your roof start collecting water, this should straight away tell you that your gutters are clogged up. If you notice  wet, dense, gray looking patches on your ceilings, it might be a sign that your roof has begun to leak after a long time of collecting water because your gutter has refused to do it job.

Gutters are a critical part of your roof system, and they can be easily clogged up by debris of which unwanted guest such as rats, red back, and even dangerous guest such as snakes can make their home up there. These are simply a few of many things that could potentially clog up your roofing system if necessary care is not taken.

In some cases, such as when gutters are not covered, the debris may already by in your gutters when the next rain shower strikes. The combination of debris already pilled up in your gutter and the flowing water can use a dangerous clog.

Your home may be at the risk of fire out break due to your clogged gutters.

gutter cleaning

One of the most dangerous, irresponsible way to live is negligence. Not taking a proper care of things even when you know they needed your attention can be very costly. A clogged gutter can bring a home owner and the occupant many griefs. A part from the fact that it may lead to a leaky roof which will cost you money in repairs rather than having the gutter cleaned in the first place.

Also, you are at risk of a fire hazard if you keep your gutters untidy. The dry debris, maybe from falling leaves from your neighbor’s tree, or some paper bag that was blown by strong wind from the second street can potentially kindle a fire right there at the top of your roof.

This is seen as a chain occurrences that if neglected, could become potentially life threatening and cost lost of property and life in some cases.

The scenario described above is very realistic especially when the weather has been dry for a long time. The debris become dry, with the combination of very hot weather during the summer, a fire can be kindled. Now, the most important question is, how do you clean up your gutters.

Effective way to cleaning up your gutters

Let me start by saying, most home owners enjoy the Do It Yourself (DIY) approach to gutter cleaning as they feel it’s not a big deal, they just have to get in there and get it all out. Well, as true as that may be to some point, DIY have its own negative effect. You see, during the period when your gutter collect those debris, some of them may have gotten way down into your pipe lines causing further clogging.

If you as a home owner try to do it yourself, you can only clean the very top without necessary equipments to power blow or machine suck up the debris that has gone down deep into the pipelines.

Getting a professional gutter cleaner is the best choice. Professional gutter cleaners will diligently assess your gutter, most especially for home with very narrow walk way, they have equipments that will help them get to the bottom of your gutter for an effective gutter cleaning. Also, a professional gutters cleaner will advice you on the best way to keep your gutter healthy and free from debris all year round. You can also schedule a periodical gutter cleaning maintenance with your professional gutter cleaning.

How to prevent clogged gutter

Prevention they say is better than cure. In any case, it’s always best to prevent a disaster from occurring rather than trying to recover from it. Mitigation could save you thousands of dollars down the track, while recovery will cost you more than the actual build. The prevention of your gutters from getting clogged is the beginning of wisdom.

How to achieve such wisdom is by making a regular schedule of gutter cleaning maintenance with a reputable company such as Rite Price Roofing. With Decades of experience in the industry. Rite Price Roofing is your preferred go-to specialist when it come to gutter cleaning.

While gutters may create a fire hazard on your property if they become dirty and are not properly maintained, the fact is that they also serve an important role for your home. By channelling the water away from your home in a controlled manner, they are instrumental in minimising the impact of erosion around the foundation and various other types of water damage to the home. All homes should have gutters installed, but these are not features that you can simply install and forget about.

The best idea is to work with Rite Price Roofing for professional installation of your gutters if you do not currently have gutters. If you do have gutters, you can install gutter guards and clean out the gutters through professional services. To learn more about pricing for these services and to set up an appointment with the team at Rite Price Roofing, call (08) 8261 3941 today.