pergola ideasMany homeowners are choosing to erect a pergola in their backyards because they are highly effective in providing shade over walkways, entertainment or relaxation areas. They are usually freestanding structures but can be built as extensions to an existing building if you so desire. If you are interested in the basics of pergola designs and essentials in here in Adelaide South Australia, well guess what? you’ve come to the right place!

Pergola ideas for Choosing your Posts or Pillars requirement

Anywhere from 4 to 12 posts can be required, depending on the length of the pergola. The most common post material is 4-by-4 inch lumbar (either pressure-treated wood, cedar or redwood). Other materials that could be used include: bricks, mortared stones, natural logs and cement (which is poured into tubular forms).

Building with the necessary Support

The posts will require support to ensure that they stand up straight and that they can bear the weight of the top materials. Usually, the posts are sunk a few feet into the ground (on a gravel base and surrounded by cement). You could also use mortared brick or stone and flexible pipe or wire (which is supported by footings).

Roof Members

Cross members make up the top of the pergola; they can be slim 1-by-1 inch lengths of lumbar, 2-by-4 inch boards or 2-by-6 inch boards embellished with scrollwork. Common beam materials include sapling trees, rounded logs split in half, lattice or even formed cement. This is where you train vines and plants to grow.

Decorative Features

Most pergola designs form simple structures that act as backdrops for foliage or other scenic areas. The addition of decorative features, however, can make the structure really stand out. Paint it white, hang drapery, undertake millwork on the posts, include built-in seating or gracefully arch the roof members.

When it comes to putting together a pergola design in Adelaide for your backyard, it is important that you have considered each of the above elements, as they are important to the structure actually standing. Once you have decided how the posts, support and roof members will be constructed, you can focus on those decorative features that will tie the whole look together.

In order to contrast the the two legends, we have also provide a brief comprehensive essentials of carport for your own benefit.

Carport also can be very Beneficial

Carports offer a whole host of benefits to home owners, not only will a carport create a safe, covered area for you to park your car it will also add extra value to your home. we have listed below the main benefits of having a carport to help you choose whether you would get enough use out of a carport to justify buying one.

Protection from the weather

– Keeping your car under cover will help protect it from weather damage such as paint fading from the sun’s UV rays and hailstones causing damage.

Convenient and time saving

– A carport will also dramatically reduce your car from becoming covered in ice on those wintery mornings when you would usually have to brave the bitter weather and remove ice from your car. This therefore saves you time which is particularly ideal if you ever find yourself in a rush in the mornings.

Cost effective

– Carports are a cost effective way to protect and store your car, they are much cheaper to purchase and install than garages.

Option to do it yourself & quick install

– If you contact reputable roofing companies in Adelaide South Australia such as Rite Price Roofing, they can install their products for you or you can choose to install them yourself with a kit and installation video. Either way, your new carport will be installed and ready to use within a couple of hours or days depending on the size of your carport. Also, depending on your local authority and the size of your carport, you most likely will not need planning permission, whereas garages would usually need planning permission.

Multiple uses

– Carports don’t have to just store cars; you can store your motor home or touring caravan under it when not in use. Motorbikes, boats, trailers and any other vehicle that will fit underneath can also be stored under a carport for storage purposes or simply as a sheltered parking area.

As well as providing a sheltered area to store vehicles when it is not in use, your carport can also be used as a sheltered entertaining area for events such as BBQ’s and outdoor dinner parties. (Of course it wouldn’t be advised to light a BBQ under the carport!) 


– With a garage, you don’t have great flexibility as to where it is situated. However, with a carport you can choose to have it anywhere that it will fit! (And also providing that you can drive your car underneath it easily too…)You could even install a carport adjacent to your garage in order to extend your garage.


Carport companies usually offer their own designs which all differ in similar ways. If you contact one of the friendly expert from Rite Price Roofing for a detail description of one of their carport ranges, They will be happy to provide you with different options which possess outstanding quality with a fully aluminum system for ultimate strength and hidden integral gutting which creates a sleek and tidy design. The roof is covered with block edge polycarbonate which is made to size and is block-edged, making it stronger than cut polycarbonate.


– For elderly or single home owners, a carport can make them feel safer when getting in or out of their cars as carports are generally situated next to or near a front door. This makes the driver feel safe as they don’t have to walk far and being under a carport would make them feel closer to their home rather than the outside.

Added home value

– And last but not least, as with most home improvements, adding a carport to your property will make the value go up and it will also make your property more attractive to prospective buyers when it comes to selling. For more information on all our products, please contact us at rite price roofing.