When it comes to outdoor patios, there are nearly limitless design options that you can use to get the most out of your living space. When you design an outdoor patio space, you want to make sure that your design enhances your home’s curb appeal while also providing a great space for entertaining.

Here are five great ideas for designing your patio and turning it into a backyard getaway.

Patio Fountains Create a Relaxing Ambiance

Inject a tranquil atmosphere into your patio is by installing a fountain. Available in a variety of styles, patio fountains are very attractive installations that look great as centrepieces or interspersed throughout gardens.

The sound of the water trickling down can be very relaxing, making your patio the perfect escape. If you have a large enough space, you can opt to install a fountain with a water garden.

If your patio has an overhanging roof, place hanging plants along the edge of the roof and large groups of planters with colourful flowers around the patio edge. Fountains are available with lighting to add to the night-time patio experience.

Patio Fire Pits and Fireplaces Add Lots of Flair

An outdoor patio is usually designed from brick, concrete, or stone, and with some creativity, your patio can be an extension of the indoor space you use for relaxing or entertaining.

By adding a centrally located paved area or using an existing paved space, you can add a fire pit or fireplace. A paved path leading to a space for seating can provide a cosy atmosphere for entertaining guests.

A semi-circular wall with built in seating at the edge of the patio provides a barrier between the patio and garden. Recessed lighting installed in the wall provides additional light in the evening.

Garden Patios Look Great and Give You More Privacy

You can turn a brick or concrete patio into a lovely garden space by adding an overhang for protection from the weather, and having a wall or enclosure around the perimeter of the patio with built in boxes for plants and flowers. This will provide a beautiful addition to your outdoor space and provide privacy for patios in urban areas.

Screened Porches or Gazebos Lend Your Patio a Sense of Sophistication

If you have a large patio, you can add a lot of style by placing a decorative gazebo in the middle or at the edge of the patio. This creates a comfortable area for seating and adds a touch of elegance to the patio.

If you want to get even more use from your patio area, install a screened-in porch to your space. Blinds can be installed to allow for privacy or to keep the elements out.

Outdoor Lighting is Practical and Beautiful

Patio lighting doesn’t just look great it also allows you to get more use from your outdoor space.

If you have a deck that leads down to a patio area, deck lighting can be placed along rails or under benches for a dramatic effect. It also keeps you safe at night. Soft, overhead lighting in a patio overhang is a great way to highlight a pool area.

Lighting can be used to enhance landscaped areas and provide more light to dark areas of your garden. Lights can even be placed within the branches of trees around your patio, giving the illusion of moonlight.

An outdoor patio is a great space for relaxing, entertaining, and enjoying the warm weather.

There are lots of different design elements that you can incorporate, which means you can make your patio as unique as you are. Try adding one or more of these great design elements to your patio and watch as it becomes your new favourite space.