Updating your home is a great way to add your own personalized sense of style to your space while also improving the function to fit your lifestyle. Whether you have purchased an existing home or you have built your home from the ground up, you may realize that there are features of the home that are not perfectly suited for you.

Remodelling the space is the perfect solution. While you may spend a considerable amount of time focusing on the interior of the property when making an update, the fact is that many Australians are also focused on redesigning their patios to fit the current Australian way of life.

Aussies love a good patio, and these five outdoor patio designs prove that an outdoor patio area doesn’t have to be boring.

Outdoor Kitchens Let You Cook Up a Storm

Whether you have a small indoor kitchen that is not suitable for hosting larger gatherings or you simply enjoying cooking outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add a highly unique and functional feature to your property.

Some will simply invest in a large grill for cookouts, but others will install a full kitchen area complete with a sink, a refrigerator, a cooktop and other kitchen elements.

This is often incorporated with bar-style seating or an outdoor dining table, and styles can range from relaxed and traditional to modern or contemporary.

Patio Pools Are Making a Big Splash

If you already have a swimming pool installed or if you have plans to install one in the near future, a patio design that incorporates the pool into the outdoor living space is a great idea.

Many homeowners strive to create a patio that has both covered and sunny areas to suit different preferences, and comfortable seating with chaise lounges or outdoor sofas is a must.

These designs may be elevated and overlook the pool area, and some may be as elaborate as to create an entire outdoor living area so that homeowners can entertain guests outdoors with a view of the pool.

An Outdoor Lounge is Great for Lazy Sundays

While some patio designs are focused on meals, such as those that feature an outdoor kitchen and a dining table, others are designed for more laid-back socialization.

These may be complete lounge areas with full outdoor living room furniture sets, and they often employ elements that provide both shade and open-air circulation of a fresh breeze.

In addition, they may feature gorgeous views, or they may allow views of beautifully landscaped yards for homeowners and guests to enjoy while they relax.

Combined Indoor and Outdoor Patio Areas: For Those Who Want It All

If space permits in your home, you may want to consider a patio design that has both indoor and outdoor spaces. Generally, these spaces use large windows or sliding glass doors to connect the two spaces on beautiful, temperate days.

To create a cohesive look, furnishings and flooring both inside and outside the home in these areas should be complementary in colour and style.

Sunroom or Enclosed Patio Designs: A Cooler Space on Hot Days

In many areas of Australia, spending time on a covered patio can be relaxing, but there are some areas of the country where it simply is too warm most of the year to enjoy spending time in a space even when it is covered and when air is circulating with a fan.

When you invest in remodelling a patio, you may consider enclosing the space entirely or adding a sunroom to the home. These may be spaces that have large windows that allow sunlight into the room, and they may have large doors or windows that can be opened on nice days for a fresh breeze to circulate through the space.

These rooms can be designed in the same fashion as open-air spaces, with your preference of lounge areas, outdoor kitchens and more.

Before You Make Your Final Design Decisions

A gorgeous new patio design will help you to enjoy your space, give your guests something to talk about, and increase your property value. However, before you make your final design decisions, consider which type of design you would get the most use out of.

In some homes, ample patio space is available for both an outdoor kitchen and a lounge area, and there may be space for semi-enclosed and open-air spaces alike.

In many homes, space is limited, and homeowners must make decisions about how to use this space appropriately. In addition to the function, consider the amount of space available before you select furnishings, vegetation options and other features.

A crowded space can create a less relaxing environment, so avoid over-designing or over-furnishing it when possible.

Redesigning your patio is a great way to add value to your home, and the design options for your space may be nearly limitless. Everything from the use of the space to the style of the design elements you incorporate in the space can impact the end result.

The next time you decide to renovate, try one of these great patio remodelling ideas and make your patio the talk of the town.