Your verandahs may be your safe haven. Here in Australia and most especially South Australia, outdoor living is an essential part of our home. We southerners love our outdoor life style and we are very proud of it. Here in Adelaide, a verandah is as Australian as Your Verandahshaving a vegemite, kangaroos, gum trees and meat pies. With the addition of a new verandah, you can have a functional outdoor space for entertainment, relaxation or even work. These home additions can be as versatile and flexible as you need them to be. You can either decide to install your verandah during the building of you new house or have it installed on an old one. The construction of verandahs in Adelaide are flexible, reliable and cost effective when you choose the right roofing company to build your verandah. Best of all, they add character and tremendous value to the properties on which they are installed.

Ways to make good use of your verandahs

It’s not only enough to plan for a verandah, you must also plan for the builder. When you employ reputable roofing company like Rite Price Roofing to install your verandah you stand the chance of getting the benefit of a professional layout. Having an intelligently layout verandah will unconsciously motivate the house occupants to make the best use of the outdoor space. There are a number of ways to use these spaces as part of your home office. Coming outside with your laptop to enjoy the view can refresh your mind, boost your creativity and increase your productivity. Never underestimate the mood-enhancing benefits of working in an outdoor environment that’s surrounded by breathtaking scenery, particularly if you work in a primarily creative role. Look for outdoor laptop stands and small, all-weather tables or desks and put on your creative cap for some productive work. And for those who just love to come home for some time out of hectic work schedules, having a beautifully planned verandah will help your get the best bind rejuvenating relaxation you’ll ever ask for.

Some people opt to transition their verandah into functional dining areas. For instance, you can install a covered table for serving breakfast or brunch. Residents can dine outside on warm, sunny days while watching the sun come up. There are even rolling bars that you can put out here for making mimosas and other libations outdoors. Setting up your outdoor living for a cozy family get together can really bring life to your family.  Spaces like these can also be great for hosting outdoor dinner parties, especially if you have a relatively small number of guests. Hosting your get together outdoor will keep your party alive with lots of fresh air for the guest, also guest are happier with open environment because they don’t have to worry about staining your couch or indoor tiles. There are small grills, wood fired pizza ovens and other cooking accessories that can be added to this space. Creating entertainment zones in your vertical space is an excellent way to maximise your use of your property area.

The Rite choice for your verandahs

Rite Price Roofing build using the proven quality of the Fielders Centenary range. This 100% Australian product provides a level of flexibility in design and appearance that is unmatched by other manufacturers. We believe the Centenary range gives you a lot more for your money. It also offers an astounding 25 year platinum guarantee. It is simply the best warranty on the market!

If you have yet to construct your verandah and have some flexibility in terms of its overall design, this is a surprisingly great place for a small water feature. You can relax on your verandah in your own hot tub. This will add considerable value to the home and give you the perfect place for unwinding after a long hard day. It can even have year-round functionality. It’s important you speak to the rite roofer with the right materials.

Incorporating a whole lots of appliances in your verandah may need more than just a DIY approach. You might want to call experience roofing expert to inspect the area. One of the things to have in mind are the obvious structural engineering concerns in order to ensure proper load bearing capacity. You also want to ensure that the space is suitably walled in. This way, when people step out of the water feature, they aren’t at risk of tumbling to the ground. Check out the building codes for your area to determine whether or not an ambitious design like this one is even possible.

Advance design for your verandah

Another thing that you can do is to implement a multi-layer lighting design that is sufficiently adaptable for creating the right ambiance for different uses and events. Shop around for outdoor wall sconces, miniature lampposts, task lights and overhead lighting. Versatile lighting options can create the same level of aesthetics that you enjoy with your lighting on the inside of the home.

Irrespective of how basic or ornate your verandah design turns out to be, it must have a suitable railing for limiting liability and keeping residents safe. Start by considering simple, tubular balustrades and move on to glass or even stainless steel. Ultimately, however, the enclosure, railing or privacy screen you choose must be stable, in compliance with local building codes and capable of coordinating with all other structural elements on the property.

Rite Price Roofing is a leading roofing company with tremendous success in the industry. We are family owned with great reputation that spans decades. Our policy is very simple: provide the best quality work with an impeccable customer service that can never be matched. If your roof is experiencing some dramatic changes due to leaks, Rite price roofing is your ideal option. Our roofing experts boast of decades of working experience with available referencing to their previous jobs. Give rite price roofing a call today for inspection on your roof or fill out our free quote online and one of our highly trained customer service will get back to you as soon as possible.