Your home’s roof endures a lot. Over time, extreme weather, heat and storms take their toll and it’s common to see moss, rust and rotting tiles that are in need of urgent replacing. Pests can also do their damage and here in Adelaide, rats and possums in particular can dislodge tiles causing them to chip or crack or worse still, fall from the roof completely. 

Our experience tells us that most roofs need attention after about 15 years, especially if you have concrete tiles which tend to deteriorate more rapidly than terracotta tiles or if you have a metal roof that has rusted, rotted or become dislodged. That’s why if you have a tile roof or a metal one, you’ve come to the right place at Rite Price Roofing.


While contractors, mainly painters and handymen, have been cleaning and painting roofs for the last 100 years, it was mainly metal roofs they painted.  In fact, it was quite rare to paint a tile roof and it has only been in the last 30 years that painting tiled roofs has become common.

However, it’s important to remember that with most tiled roofs, you can’t just paint them. There is usually repair work to be done and often significant preparation before that first lick of paint.

Cleaning your tile roof

Tile roof restoration involves cleaning and repairing your tiles before re-pointing and sealing them so that they are sturdy enough to endure all manner of conditions for years to come. At Rite Price roofing, we are proud to have more than 25 years experience in roofing so we know what we are doing.

We are a locally owned company which means we understand South Australian conditions and we know the kinds of pressures your roof is facing. We also use only the best quality materials from Acryloc and Fielders so you know you are in good hands.

No job is too big or small and access isn’t a problem either as we can manage two storey roofs, pitched roofs and those that can be very difficult to access. It’s all part of the service. And Rite Price Roofing is also very competitive on price, delivering a result that will add real value to your home, giving it an instant facelift and added street appeal.

Replacing your metal roof

Metal roof replacements are best left to the experts. Home handymen often have the best of intentions but roof replacement can be a big job and when you consider the importance of a roof in providing protection and security for your home, seeking professional help is the best solution. 

Colorbond Bluescope steel from Fielders is the perfect choice when considering a metal roof replacement. It is a product that is strong and versatile and comes in a range of lengths and thicknesses to ensure a perfect finish for your roof restoration.

It is also available in a wide range of colours to allow you to complement your existing walls, fascias and other paintwork. You will be amazed at the options and no matter what colour you choose, it will not fade or lose its sheen despite the extremes of our summer and winter climates. Fielders is also designed to suit both modern and traditional architecture which means that you are always guaranteed a perfect result.

Changing from a tile roof to metal

If you’re considering changing your tiled roof to metal it is not as big a job as you may think and it can really transform your home’s look and street appeal.

So where to start?

First of all, we will come and inspect your home and advise you on what colour may work best with your existing features plus we will also discuss styles and other features you may want to consider like gabling or gutters. 

We will recommend that you use colorbond steel roofing which is incredibly light when compared to the average sized concrete tiled roof which can weigh as much as twelve tonnes when it is dry and even more when wet! Compare this to a metal roof which tends to weigh approximately one tonne. No wonder tiled roofs often have the appearance of sagging.

The heaviness of tiled roofs can also be responsible for walls cracking and pressure all the way down to the foundations. This is something that simply does not happen with a metal roof that is light and causes little or no strain to your home’s structure. So if your tiled roof looks tired and stressed and is causing structural damage then it is time to consider making the switch to metal.

Another factor to think about is the thermal performance of tiles compared to metal. Metal does not store the heat like tiles do so when the sun sets, your roof cools down, meaning you will feel more comfortable inside your home and you may end up using less energy which in turn, means lower bills.

As metal has a high tolerance to heat and flames it is defined as non-combustible within the requirements of the Australian Building Code so there ‘s some added peace of mind.

Metal roofs also require far less maintenance that tiled roofs which can chip, crack and grow moss and mould. Metal roofs don’t have any of these issues and if it is raining, the water will just slide off, almost washing the roof to keep it clean rather than pooling under loose tiles and causing them to break or become brittle over time.

This can often lead to expensive re-pointing and re-bedding of damaged tiles. Finally, unlike tiled roofs, metal sheets on your roof give you added security.

The roofing is fixed and locked in at every batten making it virtually impossible to lift and achieve access. Of course, an old tiled roof can offer unlimited possibilities for entry, particularly at weak corner points around your home. So, as you can see, the arguments to change from tiled roofing to metal are pretty persuasive. 

And with technology improving all the time, Rite Price Roofing is able to offer you access to the Fielders range of roofing which really is state of the art. There will be a colour and style to suit you and regardless of the age and design of your home, a metal roof will always look good.

We also think you will be surprised at it s durability. What you install today will look just as good in 20 to 30 years time and that’s a life span that is very hard to achieve with a tiled roof unless you are doing constant and costly maintenance.

We are here to help!

If you want peace of mind, knowing that your roof is weather proof, storm and pest resistant and can keep you and your family safe and protected, then give us a call. Looking after your roof now could save you big money in the future. That’s got to be a good investment. And we think you will be delighted at the added street appeal that will come with a new roof.

Your house will love you for it! Convinced? Then call us now, check us out online or visit one of our three great stores at Clovelly Park, Valley View or Munno Para and we look forward to helping you with your roof today.

Rite Price Roofing, proudly South Australian and with the experience and expertise that you and your family deserve.