When you are building your home or buying an existing home, it’s important to consider adding in all the essential elements to create the perfect living space for your family and friends. Whether your home is existing or being build from scratch, considering installing a verandah is a smart option if you are looking to take advantage of every square inch of liveable space within your property and add serious resale value to your home for the future.

Verandahs add some considerable liveable floor space to your home and work to enhance the living options for a growing family. Whether you struggle for eating areas, need a new area for lounging, or you simply want to take advantage of the outdoors while being under cover and protected from the elements, a verandah is a perfect option that can be used winter, summer and throughout all the seasons in Australia.

In this article, we explore why you should install a verandah for your new home and options for getting the most out of your home living space by tapping into the advantages of a verandah solution.

Extra floor space for your family to spread out and live

If you have a family, you would be well aware of the fact that as your family grows the demands for additional living space become apparent and adding a verandah can be just the thing for ensuring your family have the space they need to spread out and enjoy your home.

Adding an outdoor room that is under cover adds a wide range of uses to the home, whether you use it as additional dining space, an area for your children to study, lounge area or even an undercover play area for when it is wet outside however you need extra room for your children to play, the options are basically limitless when it comes to installing a verandah for your new home.

Enjoy the outdoors in all weather

If you have planned an outdoor BBQ or meal with friends and the rain or the wind comes in it can be difficult to accommodate people inside your home without a dedicated outdoor living space.

Adding a verandah to your new home will eliminate these challenges and provide a year round weatherproof option that will allow homeowners the opportunity to use their home and dining areas regardless of whether it is too hot, too cold, windy or even raining.

Verandahs come in a wide range of options including with sunlights, louvered panels and also side panels if required to ensure whenever you want to use your verandah, regardless of the weather, you can enjoy the space with your family and be protected from the elements.

Increase the value of your home

Any space that you add to your new home that adds more living area and functionality will add value to your home. A verandah on average can cost around $20,000 to install, yet can add serious amounts of value to your living area and overall floor space particularly if you are looking to sell your property in the future and move properties.

Installing a verandah for your new home is a brilliant way to ensure you are tapping into the value of your property and using every square inch of the area to build value and future equity should you wish to sell or invest in other properties. Just like adding a carport, pool or any other usable feature to your home adds value, so too does adding in a professionally built verandah.

Spend less and get more

Due to the materials used for the verandah, you can add on a verandah extension simply and get far more usable space within your home without having to spend enormous amounts on the construction of the space.

Verandahs can be constructed within days and once approved by the council, allow homeowners to get considerable value for money without having to spend on bricks and mortar. Verandahs are created using a wide range of materials however the most popular material is Colorbond which is a simple and easy to install metal sheet material that not only looks great but is affordable and available across Australia for verandah construction and housing solutions.

Extend your living space without having to sell your home

Often when you run out of room for your family, the only option is to sell the house and find a new one, which can mean you are up for expensive real estate agency fees, marketing fees, and taxes. By adding an outdoor verandah space to your home, you might be able to increase the living space to a more suitable level and avoid the need to pack up and leave your treasured home.

Verandahs have a wide range of uses and due to the fact that the spaces are designed to be suitable to be an ‘outdoor room’ they can be used as an overflow playroom, lounging space, teenagers area or simply another area of the home that can be used by the family for a wide range of uses.

Options for verandahs

There are plenty of options for verandah styles that all work to match the style of your new home with a view to blend into the space and add extra style and appeal to your outdoor façade.

The range of verandahs include:

– Curved roof
– Flat roof
– Gable roof
– Sunroof

As well as this there are also options for pergolas and verandahs with blinds and other add-ons depending on the space and requirements.

Process for arranging a new verandah for your home

It’s important when you are building your verandah to ensure that all of the plans are pre-approved by council ahead of you commencing your project. An experienced and licenced roofing specialist such as Rite Price Roofing will arrange the building permits for your verandah construction and ensure you are supported throughout the process from start to finish.

The building permit is essential for the verandah to be passed by council and should you wish to sell the property in the future, so do ensure your contractor arranges this before any construction takes place.

The process of arranging a new verandah is as follows:

– Arrange an onsite quote with a professional roofing expert
– Review the options available to suit your new home style and décor
– Review the materials and colours available for roofing and features
– Roofing company will draft up some plans for the verandah to lodge with local council
– Once the plans are approved the construction can commence

Throughout this process you should also ensure you have engaged a contractor who is professional and experienced in roofing and verandah construction to ensure you are getting the best craftmanship for your property. It is worth spending a little more on the verandah solution to ensure you get the highest level of customer service and the best verandah solution for your needs.

Fielders Centenary verandah products

Rite Price Roofing uses the Fielders Centenary range of products for their Adelaide verandah solutions. A long standing supplier of quality verandah and outdoor roofing solutions, Field Centenary are the experts in creating patios, carports and verandahs and offer quality verandah options that are professionally engineered to comply with Australia’s strict standards and all come with an extensive 15-year guarantee.

Fielders Centenary offer a wide range of options for extending the outdoor space in new and existing homes and go above and beyond to provide the best materials and finest craftsmanship to ensure your outdoor solution lasts the test of time and is of the highest quality.

Rite Price Roofing use products from the Fields range due to their premium quality and a wide range of colours, selections and finishes. We only use the best products and materials that are backed by an extended warranty to ensure you get the best roofing solution for your needs and also the finest product to add value to your home and property.

Ready to install a verandah at your new home?

If you feel the time is right to install a new verandah at your home, Rite Price Roofing is ready to help you create the perfect outdoor verandah solution to meet your budget, lifestyle and needs. We have been servicing all of the Adelaide region for decades and only install the highest quality verandahs for our customers that stand the test of time.

Our team are professional roofing experts all with the experience and knowledge of the roofing industry to provide quality roofing options that will suit your space and extend your liveable area, adding value to your home and as well as additional living space for your family to enjoy.

Rite Price Roofing can add serious value to your home with a quality verandah solution. We quote, install and maintain new and existing properties across Adelaide and can create an outdoor solution that suits any exterior style.