Our homes are our sanctuaries and our castles. Owning a property is a dream and we all work hard to achieve that dream. It is said that our home is a reflection of our being meaning we must treat our homes as though they are an extension of ourselves. We must look after it, maintain it and repair when necessary, and as with our bodies when we feel discomfort, we must engage professional consultants and tradesmen and women whenever we need to get work done on our homes.

Civil Engineers says that the foundation of a house is the most important – technically they are right, but I’d say that the roof is equally as important.

As the saying goes: it’s a privilege to have a bed to sleep on but it’s more of a blessing to have a roof over your head. Our roof protects us from the elements and nature’s wrath, therefore it is imperative that we periodically check and restore our roofs to their optimal condition.

What then is Roof Restoration? Why should it matter? What does it entail? And how much will it cost? This blog post aims to edify on the subject.

What is Roof Restoration?

Roof restoration restores your roof to its optimum state. It involves Roof cleaning, repair, repainting, and other restoration works tailored to your particular roof type. Roof restoration serves as a preventive step against future roof damage and repairs. It is a very important task in the general upkeep of your home and it is recommended that you engage a professional service company to carry out the restoration activities.

Contracting a roof restoration Adelaide company for your roofing needs is guaranteed to add longevity to your roof while also saving you thousands in damage caused by faulty or leaky roofs.

Why Do We Need It?

Our homes – especially the roof, are exposed to different seasons and weather conditions that affect its integrity and structure. The effects of extreme seasonal conditions like heat waves, hailstorms, and strong winds slowly begin to take their toll, and over time you begin to see moss, rust and rotting tiles and roof sheets that are in need of urgent attention or replacing. Damages to the roof is not limited to just mother nature, pests cause their fair share of destruction too – rats and possums being the main culprits.

Observations and experience tell us that most roofs need attention after about 10 – 15 years – especially roofs fitted with concrete tiles which tend to deteriorate faster than terracotta tiles for example.

Regardless of your roof type, it is recommended you carry out periodical checks to ensure your roof’s integrity is intact and also to address damage quicker before the damage becomes irreparable which will, in turn, cost you more. Here at Rite Price, we’ve got the equipment and world-class trades personnel to cater to you and your roof’s needs.

What is the Restoration Process?

The restoration process generally involves a thorough cleaning of the roof to remove the build-up of dirt, algae, debris, leaves and other unwelcomed elements. It includes identifying and repairing any damages caused by the elements and subsequently applying a new top coat for added protection. A quality roof restoration procedure consists of the following:

• Initial Assessment: Investigating and examining any flues and flashing for defects or leaks and if any issue is found, they’ll be marked to be fixed with a flexible sealer.
• Roof Repair: Repairing chipped or slightly damaged tiles to ensure your roof is adequately secured against the elements for the foreseeable future.
• Tile Roof Repair: Replacing broken tiles to ensure there is no future leakage or cracking.
• Roof Cleaning: Pressure cleaning to remove all dirt, moss, lichen, old paint and debris from roof tiles, ridge caps, flashings, and flue pipes.
• Roof Re-Coating: Applying the appropriate highest quality coating to protect against the South Australian sun to prevent future damage that’ll inevitably lead to leaks.
• Roof Painting: Repainting roof to return it to its original aesthetic. This gets your roof looking brand new and could be a standalone restoration procedure or the culmination of a thorough restoration process.

What are the Benefits?

Roof restoration is advantageous in a lot of ways: it increases the value of your property, saves you thousands of dollars in cost from damages associated with leaky or faulty roofs – especially in the rainy months, it improves the aesthetic of your property and lengthens the lifespan of your home and can also potentially improve the energy efficiency of your home.

Roof restoration is a cost-effective alternative to roof replacement and can be the difference between routine roof maintenance and restoration works and a complete overhaul of your entire roofing structure due to extensive damages to roofing tiles or worse – roof support beams. Here you go with one of our old blog posts about Roof Restoration Benefits.

How long does it take?

A restoration procedure carried out by a professional industry trusted roof restoration Adelaide company like Rite Price Roofing is done a lot quicker than you’d think. You’d be surprised to learn that the time it takes to finish a roof can be early as three days depending on different circumstances.

The restoration process could potentially take up to a week also, depending on the form of restoration need. Here at Rite Price roofing, our expert tradesmen prepare at great length to ensure that our work is done in a timely manner and that there is a minimum interruption to your daily life.

How much does it cost?

Hiring a professional roof restoration Adelaide company like Rite Price can be a cost effective alternative to replacing your entire roof. We at Rite Price roofing will provide you with the expert services you need for investigation, diagnosis, repair and restoration. Our employees are professionals with years of experience who employ standard industry best practices in roof repair, restoration or replacement.

Our expert tradesmen can clean your roof and also repair chipped, broken or cracked tiles, warped metal and other structural deformities. In most cases and with the right materials and workmanship, your roof can be restored to a condition that is as good as new. Contact us now and discuss with our expert staff on what service you require; a thorough restoration procedure at Rite Price generally starts from $3990.