How much does it cost to have your roof cleaned is a pressing question every home owner want a good answer to. In this article we have given a good estimate of how much it would cost clean your home and not only clean but have repointed as well. Just as a give away, we have included estimate for cleaning, repointing and painting estimate as well. Now, in order to get a holistic understanding of how we come about the estimates, we will shed some lights on different types of roofing and other gold nuggets included that will benefit our readers.

Just before we get serious about this topic, i would like to point out why you should clean your roof in the first place. Why should you clean your roof?

Why Clean Your Roof

Well, i personally believe its a fair question. Some home owner don’t even know why it’s necessary to clean their roofs. So i think its beneficial to get people to understand reasons to clean their roof in the first place. From aesthetic point of view, a clean roof simply looks great, imagine you driving home with an important guest and your roof is giving you a bad welcoming sign. That wouldn’t create a good first impression on your guest.

Another reason why you might want to clean your roof is to make your home more appealing if you’re trying to sale it, cleaning your roof gives your entire home that fresh look. It give the impression that your home is new and well looked after. Uncleaned roof would help you get rid of unwanted guests such as snakes locking around your gutter if you have trees around your home. Also, rates may get into the shingles and other creeping animals. Not cleaning your roof may cost you down the track. If your roof get clogged up due to lack of regular cleaning, it may lead to roof leaks which may cost you more than just a roof cleaning and fixing.

Finally, you could be looking at valuable home appliances damage in the wake of a leaky roof during heavy rain storm. Scheduling your roof cleaning regularly would not only prevent future chaos but save you money on roof repairs. Work out some good deal on regular roof cleaning with your roof company and save your self thousands on the long run. For more information on roof cleaning please click here.

Factors Affecting Roof Cleaning Cost

There are two major factors that can significantly influence the overall cost and pricing of roof cleaning project. With decades of experience in the industry, we have identified the two main influencers to be size and shape of your roof. This two factors have always been there when we analyse price and cost for any roof cleaning project.

Size of roof

We have come to the conclusion that larger roof or roof with bigger surface area  would require more time and resources to conduct proper and effective roof cleaning. Also, roofs with complex designs even though they are not as large would incur higher cost due to the complexity of  design.

Complexity of roof

The reason being that a complex roof will make it challenging for roof cleaners to maneuver their equipment around the roof, leading to longer hours of work and more resource deployment. The height and pitch of a roof can increase the total cost if professionals had to bring in special or extra equipments for securing themselves during the cleaning process.

Another deciding factor would be your home location. If your house was built around large trees and these trees or one of them is overshadowing your roof, you may require some special type of cleaning which may incur more dollar amount on your original roof cleaning price. The reason being that there may be more leave debris and moss than normal on your roofing due to overshadowed tree branches.

Also, your roof could have built up hard to clean moss due to lack of direct sunlight on your roof. If your geo-location is on the costal area then your home may be more susceptible to more damaged by salt than you realise, and this can influence the price of cleaning as a direct result of challenges your salted roof posses.

So Really, How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Roof Cleaned?

Cleaning a roof as we’ve said above varies, so that simply means there are no standard figure for getting a dirty roof shining again. What we are able to provide is an estimate based on what you would like to do with your roof. Some home owners would not only want their roof cleaned, they’ll want it repointed too. So for roofing cleaning and repointed, you are looking at cost from $1900.

On the other hand if you want your roof cleaned, repointed and painted, depending on your roof size and shapes, you could be looking at a cost from $3900. So really, its all get down to what you want to have done, how big is your roof and how complex is the style of your roof

I hope this article have helped you answer this pressing question, on how much does it cost to have your roof cleaned. If you have further questions, please give Rite Price Roofing a call to speak to one of our highly experienced roof cleaning professional who will look after you and give you a precise quote after coming out to see your roof and its existing conditions.

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