How much does it cost to build a carport? Most home owners looking to renovate their existing homes or those simply looking to extend it would go the extra mile just to get an answer to this pressing question. In this article, we call it the million dollar question!!! Also, in this article we have set out to give you an answer and provide you with guides and reasons why some prices my vary based on various reasons. Before we delve into answer this question however, let us have a little discussion around what carport is.

Difference between a garage and a carport.

Most people get confused about these two very different but similar entities. Looking for the answer as to how much does it take to build a carport would lead you into knowing what a carport is in the first place. In this case, it has lead you to know the difference between a garage and a carport.

What is a carport?

According to the modern dictionary, a carport is a shelter for a car consisting of a roof supported on posts, built beside a house. In order words, a carport is a semi covered structured designed to store your car. Carports are not necessarily built with a house, they can be built years down the track after your home was fully built. I think it is imperative to talk a little or give a brief differentiation between a garage and a carport. Most people are easily confused about these two car spaces and some are even confused as to why anyone would need a carport in the first place.

We will try to cover as much of these questions as we can in this article. Carports are highly cost effective in comparison to garages, they are a good way of protecting your car from direct ran and sun rays without breaking the bank. Also, a carport is much more easier to construct and cost less. Also, you have the choice to either attach your carport to your home or just build it separately from the house. The flexibility that comes with having a carport is just awesome!! To learn more about carports, kindly click here to visit our page on carports.

What is a garage?

A garage unlike carport is an enclosed space, with walls and roller doors designed to house a car. Now most home owner does not necessarily believe their garages are meant alone for their cars, some of them use it for general storages however, the original intention of the designer is for you to keep your car in it. Garage can be either attached to your home or as a free standing structure. Most likely you would see houses with their garages built with their home.

One of their benefits of having a garage over a carport is that your garage can be locked, and it sort of give you the confidence that your car is right inside the house with you. Garages also protect your car from the elements. It keeps your car out of the weather helping your car to keep its new look for as long as necessary.

Understanding Australia carport regulations

Australia is a great nation, highly controlled and regulated, with great citizens loyal to their country. One of the things that made Australia great is the fact that everything is check and regulated by the government. This type of governance keep people from doing just whatever they want. Almost everything you do need to go through the government regulation and most especially anything structural. Building a carport in Australia means that you need to meet certain government regulations regarding size, location, distance from other structures, appearance of your carport and the street before you can actually build your carport.

It is imperative that you do a thorough check on your local council for carport construction regulation before you commit to any design presented to you by your contractor. If you live in Adelaide South Australia, it may worth your while to consult your local government before you start the project as state requirement may differ.

Hiring a reputable carport builder

Most home owners have been burnt by dodgy construction companies, it is therefore important that you do a proper check before you sign any construction document with your carport builder. Checking the reputation of your carport contractor should not be a difficult undertaking. One of the few ways you can easily get a good feel about the how your carport builder is doing in the industry is by doing a google review check.

Every business this days have a google review that help customers understand what type of builder they are and how diligent they are in their works. This would probably take you couple of minute to do. Also, you can request for reference check on them and make sure you speak to the people they’ve worked with. This will eliminate any doubts and give you absolute confidence that you are in a good hand.

Moving forward, below are the basic things you could request from your carport builder

When it comes to hiring a business, make sure they are right for your job. Some questions to ask them include:

Are you licensed?
Do you have valid insurance?
Can you provide a written quote?
How long is the warranty on your materials?
Do you have references I can follow up?