Gutters serve the purpose of channelling rainwater away from the home in a controlled manner. The gutters collect rain as it falls onto the roof of a home, and the water may be collected in a water tank for conservation purposes. The rainwater may also be directed away from the foundation and landscaping features which may become damaged from the flow of rushing water during a rainstorm or shower. While gutters are an integral part of a home, they do require repair and maintenance work from time to time. By learning more about the most common types of gutter problems, you may be able to take better care of your own home’s gutters.

Clogged or Blocked Gutters

When rainwater washes down the roof and into the gutters, it may also wash leaves, dirt and other debris through the gutters. Some items are so large that they may immediately clog a gutter. Others may create a partial clog that can grow in size over time as more debris is washed into the gutters. Any type of clog will interfere with the ability of the gutters to carry water away from the home. Cleaning gutters regularly several times per year is a wise idea that can remedy this situation.

Leaking or Disconnected Gutters

Gutter installation involves connecting lengths of gutter materials together. With quality installation, the seams of these materials is watertight, but the seals can become worn out or damaged over time. Generally, gutters will need to be re-sealed on a regular basis in order to minimize the chance for leakage. Keep in mind that leaking or disconnected gutters can result in water damage to the exterior of the home, the inability for the gutters to do their job properly, rusty gutters and other issues.

Saggy or Loose Gutters

Gutter are secured to the home using brackets, and these brackets may become loose over time. You may be able to visibly determine that you have this problem with an inspection of your home from the ground level. The gutters may appear to be sagging in areas, or they may have come loose from the home. Replacing the brackets may be necessary to fix this problem.

Gutters provide homeowners with wonderful benefits, but the benefit they provide may be minimized when the gutters fall into disrepair. If you have been thinking about installing, replacing or repairing gutters on your home, you can turn to the professionals at Rite Price Roofing for assistance. We can provide you with an initial consultation and a competitive quote for the work that needs to be done to your home. Call us today at (08) 8261 3941 or request your first appointment with us online.