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Gutter Works & Tips : Are Gutter Guards Necessary? 

If you have a home or property, you probably have gutter guards, which are a clever device that works to prevent your gutters from clogging up with leaves and debris.

When your gutter guards aren’t installed correctly or a damaged, there can be a great deal of pressure on the guttering which can wind up leading to blocked gutters, blocked drain pipes and possibly leaking and damaged roofing and gutters, all of which can cause long-term and expensive damage to your home.

Before you buy gutter guards, it is important to be aware of the benefits and drawbacks for them, and understand why you should install them.

In this article, we explore what gutter guards are, the types of gutter guards available and the pros and cons of installing them in your home.


Why look into gutter guards as part of your gutter works

If you have ever been tasked with the job of climbing onto the roof or exterior of your house and clearing out gutters you would be well aware of how dirty and annoying this job can be, and how a few leaves and debris over time can build up to be a massive mess.

So, what are gutter guards?

Gutters are typically installed on a property to control the flow of water during rain storms. Your home gutters collect the water and channel it into specified locations, and gutter guards protect the property’s foundation and landscaping from damage from erosion.

In some cases, the water is collected in rain barrels or collection systems for water conservation measures. Your gutters are one of the most important components your property’s exterior and when they become clogged your property is put in danger of springing a leak or the gutters causing flooding in your home when they are blocked and ineffective.

Gutter guards are an innovative feature that eliminates the possibility of clogs so that gutters can continue to function well over the years. Without gutter guards your gutters can get severely clogged with leaves including water and general debris and moss, turning your gutters into an unsafe and misused mess and reducing the likelihood of the gutter to do the job they were created to do.

Cleaning gutters is not a fun job, and by installing gutter guards, you can remove the likelihood of the gutters to fill up with annoying debris and make the gutters and roof last a whole lot longer.

Gutter guards save time, effort and can help you avoid the expense of roof repair and gutter replacement. If you want to ensure your property is protected arranging the expert installation of gutter guards will ensure you are protected 24/7 from the elements.


Types of gutter guards and how they form part of your gutter works

There is a wide range of gutter guard products available on the market, all dependent on your budget and also your gutter guard needs for your home or property. Essentially gutter guards are placed over existing gutters and cover up the gutter so that leaves and debris don’t fall into the gutter and cause issues.

The best gutter guards are the ones that can filter out all particles, even the small ones, and keep the gutter clear and clean in the event of a downpour or weather event. A basic overview of the types of gutter guards available are outlined below:

  • Mesh gutter guards – These are metal sheets of mesh that have little holes in the mesh to allow for water to come through. They can be attached to tiled roofs and will cover the gutter so you can’t get the debris and leaves falling in your gutters.
  • Reverse curve gutter guards – These are positioned in such a way that the water is pointed downwards which means the leaves fall to the ground, avoiding any blockages in the gutter.
  • Bottle brush gutter guards – These have bristles in the guard and face upright inside the gutter, the debris will fall in and be propped up in the gutter, and then the water will wash away.
  • Nylon gutter guards – These work mainly in colder climates and are suitable in the colder months and in environments where there is snow.
  • Foam gutter guards – These guards are made from plastic and fit into your gutter and completely block any debris that wants to congregate in your gutters.

The type of gutter guard you will use will depend on a range of factors including your style of home, the climate and also your budget. Your professional roofing expert will be able to provide you with a wide range of options so you can make an informed decision on which gutter guards to choose.

Gutter guards are an essential gutter works roofing product to protect your home

While it can be tempting to DIY gutter guards yourself, if the guards are not correctly installed you can spend hours installing a product that will wind up not working and cause you thousands of dollars in damage. Undertaking your gutter guard installation can be tiresome, and you might wind up doing more damage than good.

When you have installed gutter guards, it is important to realise that you will still need to maintain your roof and gutters. A check now and again will ensure the guards are working correctly and all debris is washing away and not being stuck in the gutters. The type of gutter guard you need all comes down to your location, the trees that surround your property and the type of gutters and building you are adding gutter guards.


Pros of using gutter guards

–   They can be added to gutters that exist on the property

–   Guards deter birds and rodent from getting into your gutter

–   Remove the need for frequent maintenance and provide peace of mind

–   Reduce the build up of debris and water in your gutters

–   Prolong the life of your gutters


Cons of gutter guards

–   Installation should be done by a professional, so there is a cost involved

–   Gutters will need occasional cleaning

–   The gutters will be a little heavier due to the gutter guards

To ensure your gutters are working to their best a gutter guard is an essential way to get the most out of your roof. Avoid spending hour and hours perched on a ladder clearing out leaves from your gutters and install gutter guards and get the job done while you can relax at home with the knowledge your home is protected.


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