Gutters are one of the most underrated parts of the average home. We often notice the roof, the walls, the windows but how often do we consider our gutters? Well the answer is easy. Not often at all.

In fact, very few of us spend much time at all worrying about the health of the gutters around our homes. We assume that everything is fine until of course, a major problem comes along and we decide to call for assistance. This can often end up being an expensive and time consuming exercise which could have been prevented if regular gutter maintenance had occurred.

You’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to keep an eye on your gutters. If you do, you will be rewarded by big savings on expensive repairs down the track. At Rite Price Roofing, we are here to help and offer you these hand hints to keep you on top of your gutters before they get on top of you.

How do I know if my gutters need help?

The purpose of gutters is to control the flow of water when it rains, lessening the risk of erosion issues around your home’s foundation, water damage to the home and even damage to the landscaping. 

Gutters are installed along the roof of your home, and this location makes it difficult for homeowners to thoroughly inspect them. When gutters are in poor condition, they are not able to fully do their job and you will soon notice trouble around the home. 

Timber work will be affected and will rot through exposure to water and the ground will be constantly damp and often with moss or mould. You will notice rust starting to form and before you know it yours gutters, if left unattended, will start falling away from the roof and eaves. 

However, because it is difficult to inspect gutters in some cases, you may be wondering how you can know if repair work is required.

Where do I start?

In order to best determine if your gutters require repairs, you first need to understand what the most common gutter issues are. Clogged gutters are very common, and this is because rainwater can also carry dead leaves, branches and other debris as it passes through the gutters. 

Gutters may also develop leaks along the seams where the pieces connect. They may also become loose and pull away from the house. These are common problems that can impact gutters. If you notice signs of these issues, some repair work is needed on your property. If you have gutter repairs issues, you may think about repairing the issue on your own. 

Gutters, however, can be difficult to repair because of their elevated height. Keep in mind that you may need to stand on the top of the roof or on a tall ladder to reach the gutters. From this height, you may need to work with hammers, screw drivers, sealant and other tools and supplies to make the repair. 

This can be dangerous and stressful, and it may not always give you the best results. The team at Rite Price Roofing has the skills and experience necessary to repair your gutters quickly and with superior quality.

More than that, you never have to worry about your own safety when you put our crew to work for you. It is wise to walk around your home’s exterior periodically to look for signs of gutter damage. If you notice any potential issues or even if it has been some time since the last time you did your gutter cleaning.

Common problems

Rust in gutters occurs due to water sitting in the gutter due to insufficient fall and/or leaves and debris causing a blockage and therefore restricting the flow of water. If the rust is minor, it can be ground back with an electric grinder (with a wire brush disc) and then treated with a powerful rust converter. If the rust is more than very light, then replacing the gutters/down-pipes/valleys is the best long-term option.

Overflowing gutters are a particular problem in autumn when trees drop their leaves and suddenly, your gutters are overflowing.It is important that you keep on top of things at this time of year otherwise rot and mould will set in very quickly and in the event of a sudden downpour, they will rapidly overflow.

Loose gutters simply can’t do their job properly. Old or missing screws are often the culprit and need replacing before the whole sheeting becomes dislodged or falls off.

Mouldy gutters are more common than you may think. Changes in the weather like rain or storms can lead to stagnant water that pools in gutters and can trigger an outbreak of mould that can be very difficult to move once it has taken hold.

Prevention and regular maintenance

As with many things, prevention is better than cure. Gutter guards are a great example of this and they can virtually eliminate the possibility of clogs so that gutters can continue to function well over the years. Guards are placed over existing gutters, or they can be installed at the time the gutters are originally installed on the property. 

Essentially, they cover the top of the gutters so that leaves and other debris cannot pass into the gutters, but it allows the water to flow into them. There are several types of gutter guards that you can choose to install. Some are well-suited for capturing leaves, pine needles and other types of larger debris. 

The best options, however, are those that filter out even the smallest particles. This is because even sandy grit from the shingles can collect in the gutters over time, and this makes the gutters work inefficiently.

Leave it to the experts

If you purchase gutter guards from a local store or roofing company, you can install it on your own. This requires you to physically access the gutters, and you may find yourself spending several hours or more working along your roof line from the top of the roof or from a ladder. This can be dangerous, tedious and even tiresome work. 

Because of this, a better solution is often to allow a professional roofing contractor like Rite Price Roofing to install the guard system on your behalf. This will ensure that it is installed properly and that it works most effectively for your home. 

Furthermore, a professional will be able to complete the work more quickly due to experience and extra manpower. Homeowners in Adelaide and throughout the region want to keep their homes in great condition, and installing gutters is a smart way to minimize gutter repair issues on your property.

Keep on top of it

Good gutters are easy to achieve if you just keep an eye on them. Note the changes in weather and give them a clean if you notice any build up of leaves of debris. Do a regular walk around your home every few weeks and just make a visual inspection of how your gutters are holding up. Keep a special watch on box gutters which are not always visible and may require extra maintenance because of their style and design. 

Importantly, good gutters don’t have to cost a fortune. Do your research or give us a call and we will discuss your individual needs. Choose a good, strong and sturdy product and then, commit to regular maintenance. That way you will have trouble free gutters for years to come and your home will love you for it.