Having an extended backyard can be the best investment any homeowners can make. Not only that it increases the value of your home, but it also beautifies your backyard making it guest welcoming.

Verandah and PatiosAlthough not every home has gotten the necessary space for fancy verandah construction. However, if you happen to have some space in your backyard where you can construct a fantastic verandah in Adelaide, you may think of beautifying it a little.

But before starting your verandah construction, you might want to consider various options available to you.

Some of the many things that come to mind when giving thoughts to what to do with your outdoor space are:

First of all, you could turn your outdoor space into a garden, secondly, you might install a swimming pool or install verandah and patios. The best way to consider these options is by weighing in on your advantages and disadvantages on each listed option.

For a starter, turning your outdoor space into gardens need regular maintenance so if you are not particularly green fingered, we would suggest that you stay away from this.

You could install pools if you have a liking for swimming. And it doesn’t matter how much you love swimming, you must be ready to spend hours cleaning your swimming pool every week or so. Just to make sure that you keep up with the hygiene.

Another thing to consider with the swimming pool option is the fact that you’ll need a little bigger space if you want to enjoy your swimming pool.

The one option we will be discussing in this article is verandah and patios. Although these two are similar in their function, they are quite different by character. Most people wrongly use the terms interchangeably.

If you have any confusion about which one to choose, then the following comparisons should help.

Your verandah and patios come with history

Patio is a Spanish word that means a courtyard is an outdoor space which is generally used for dinning or recreation. In the early days of Patio, the original design is comes with a surrounded wall.

However, patios of the new century or the patio of today do not always adhere to such design guidelines, they do follow the general guidance.

Patios are always on the ground level and it may or may not be covered. Patios make an ideal place to rest, set up barbecue stand or place next to a pool. Since they are on the ground level, they usually keep that open feel of the courtyard and do not need any kind of railings.

Verandah and PatiosVeranda on the other hand comes from the hindi word veranda, which is an open air gallery or porch. Due to their higher status, verandahs are often partly enclosed by railing and frequently extended across the front and sides of the structure. However, verandah give you the liberty to build on sloping ground as well.

In fact, where there is sloping ground, verandah is the preferred choice, as patios do not sit well on sloped land.

Materials used for verandah and patios

Patio usually made of concrete, tiles, gravel or stone. Since a patio finds a place directly on the ground and on non-sloping ground ideally, these materials work very well. When your patio is designed by Rite Price Roofing, you get the best feeling of an emasculate design touch.

Another great thing about patios is that it can be set up completely detached from the house, like an island. Surround it with clever landscaping and it will definitely attract attention. Having your patio beautifully set up can help you boost great interaction within your family by igniting the outdoor lifestyle.

Wood or vinyl is usually used in deck constructions. As with any wooden structure, the type of wood will have a great impact on how the verandah looks. Since attaching the verandah to the house is normal course, it is a good idea to choose a type of color that compliments the house.

A standalone verandah will look a bit strange, kind of like a lifeguard stand, however, there are many who can use this intelligently.

What’s the best choice between verandah and patios?

Every now and then, this same old question pops up. Most home owners don’t know the major difference between verandah and patio and even when they do, they still struggle with the right choice. The unfortunate thing to this dilemma is that, there is no one right answer.

Each has its own purpose to serve. While patios are good place to host parties that involve fire pits, barbeques and pool parties. Verandahs on the other hand are more for quiet class. For family and friends to cozy up on an outdoor couch to catch a movie while the entertain themselves with some nice meal.

You might want to hold that fantasy right there for a second though, and consider cost, the wooden verandah would obviously cost more, but it also adds something extra to the resale value.

Verandah are also better suited in houses that have a stunning view; the more structures or nature your verandah view is able to capture the better the view. So best and honest answer you’ll get is that every homeowner should choose, based on their needs and situation.

Tips for Designing Verandah and Patios

Just after you make up your mind about whether you want verandah or patio, the next thing on your agenda should be the design. And in this section of our article, we have compiled some tips for your verandah and patio designs.

In years gone by, verandah was just a basic small rectangle with a chair or two and a pot plant. These days’ verandah & patios have upgraded from Cinderella to the Beautiful Princess.

Verandah these days give an extra room to the home where any number of activities can take place. They are rain proof and may contain cooking facilities, a water feature, outdoor heating, lighting along with comfortable seating and dining facilities.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when you design your verandah or patio, is to envision your lifestyle while designing your verandah or patio. And at Rite Price Roofing, we make sure we understand your lifestyle during the design stage of your verandah or patio.

A patio or verandah addition will increase the value of your home to a greater extent than nearly any other improvement. The return on your investment can be up to 90%, even if your verandah is only mid-sized.

The trend in verandah these days is to make the floor size almost as large as the home itself. They can have multi-levels, walls and pergola that offer a modicum of privacy and built-ins that offer extra storage and seating combined.

Building a verandah is certainly a great way to cut out on that mowing chore, too. The more space you use up in a verandah or patio the less you have for growing a lawn.

With the addition of an outdoor fireplace, the verandah in a cold climate will get even more use. Add some decent lighting and you’ll find that time spent in outdoors is even longer.

The verandah is an ideal place for the children to play and let off steam. Make sure there are safety walls to stop them riding those trikes over the edges, or falling over themselves if they are toddlers.

You’ll need to get council approval for any additions especially ones that have foundations, and there will be safety specifications to adhere to. It’s worth it for the benefit you’ll get in that extra space, value for your home and sheer pleasure of use.

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