Choosing the right roof restore for your home is a unique process specific to your roof. Water and heat damage, tile cracking, moss and lichen build-up, the workmanship of the original installation, and the age of your roof are all important things to consider before jumping into the restoration process.

The most effective roof restoration job will address the individual issues plaguing your home without disrupting the integrity of your entire roof.

Assess the Damage Before You Do Anything

Noticeable signs of damage, especially on the interior of your home, are huge red flags and a clear indication that at least that section of your roof is in dire straits.

Sagging ceilings, bent rain gutters, soiled or heavily discoloured tiles, and chipped or cracked tiles are also indicators that your roof is in need of immediate professional intervention.

Though it may be tempting to explore the surface of your roof before getting a professional involved, resist the urge.  Inexperienced homeowners walking on the tiles can cause further damage, like cracking the tiles underfoot, which serves only to raise the cost of the restoration.

Acquaint Yourself With the Basics of Roof Restoration

Replacing damaged tiles, reapplying cement to the ridge capping, and repairing any damaged sections of the rain gutters are standard procedure in a roof restoration. These repairs are then followed by pressurized water cleaning of the entire roof to remove discolouration and build-up of organic sludge.

Finally, it’s a good idea to consider adding a protective coating to your roof to preserve and prolong the look of clean tiles and ward off moss and lichen growths.

Factor In the Cost of Restoration and the Age of the Roof

Tiled roofs were built to last. If your roof is only a decade or two old, a complete roof replacement is very likely to be wholly unnecessary. The cost of restoring a roof as opposed to replacing it in its entirety is far less expensive.

Both approaches to roof repair are an investment, and the condition of your roof (the level of damage it has acquired over the years) will be the determining factor in choosing the most suitable option for your home.

Get Multiple Opinions

For an accurate assessment of what the roof restoration process will entail for your roof, aim to gather more than one professional opinion. This is a good way to vet out potential contractors and also confirm the priority issues that need care. This is also a good way to compare and contrast prices.

Deciding on the right roof restoration for your home is a matter of weighing the cost of the job against its ability to prolong the life of your roof. To preserve the value of your roof even further, consider making greater strides towards regular maintenance, like keeping the gutters clean and inspecting the tiles throughout the year.

Keeping up with smaller repairs and minimizing the opportunity for wear and tear will cut down on the cost of a full roof replacement or larger restorations that may be necessary down the line.