FAQs About Roofing Contractors

Commonly, homeowners will contact roof repairers when they notice signs of damage to the roof, fascia or soffit. If you believe that your home’s roof has become damaged through wear and tear, a severe storm or another issue, repairing the roof quickly is important.

However, because your roof is a critical structural component to the building, you want to thoroughly screen the roofing company before engaging services, including ours here at Rite Price Roofing. All homeowners should ask a roof repairer or carpenter a few key questions up-front, and we’ll share a few of those below; when you’re ready to discuss your roof repair, contact us at (08) 8348 5988 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.


Do You Have a License?

In Australia, most professionals who perform weather-tightness activities on a building, such as roof repair work, are required to be properly licensed. There are several types of roofing licenses available, and the main variation is based on the type of cladding that the company is licensed to work with.

Take time to learn about the type of license your contractor has and ensure that it properly licenses the company to complete the work that you need completed on your property.


What Type of Insurance Do You Have?

There are several types of insurance that a roofing company may have, and because of this, it is not enough to simply ask a roofer if the company is insured. Instead, ask if the company has liability insurance and what the liability insurance limits in place are. Some savvy homeowners may ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate to ensure that the insurance policy has not expired.


Do You Have a Local Address and Phone Number?

Many homeowners will locate a roofing contractor over the Internet today (you’re reading this blog post aren’t you?), and some roofing companies will travel from far away to work on a property. Others may have a home-based business. While these are not necessarily warning signals, they may indicate potential difficulty reaching the company later if you need to file a warranty claim or if other issues arise.

It is generally better to work with an established local company with a physical business address in your town and with a local phone number. Rite Price Roofing is based here in Adelaide, and you can ring us on (08) 8348 5988 at your convenience.


Can I Have An Up-Front Estimate

From basic roof repairs to a complete replacement of the roof, the fact is that roofing services can be expensive. The last thing you want is to be surprised by an unexpectedly high bill after services are rendered, so it is important to request an up-front estimate in writing. More than that, review the estimate for wording that states that this is a final estimate or that the estimate may be revised during the completion of the project.

You may also read company reviews to determine if the company has a reputation for tacking on additional fees at the end of a project.


What Is Included In the Estimate?

Be sure that the estimate you receive is fully itemized. The more detailed the estimate is, the better it will be for you. If the estimate simply states that you will be receiving general roofing repair work for a specified dollar amount, this is a warning sign. Instead, look for details about the type of work that will be completed and the type of cladding or roofing materials that the roof carpenter will use.


What Type of Materials Will Be Installed?

Many homeowners are unaware that there is considerable variation in the quality and longevity of cladding or roof materials. Even amongst asphalt shingles, the warranty period and longevity can vary between 15 and 40 years. Your roofing company should thoroughly and accurately answer all of the questions you have about the material options available as well as the installation process.

If you feel that you are not receiving accurate or complete information, this is a warning sign that you may need to find a different roofer to work with.


How Quickly Will the Work Be Completed?

There are two key components to the project time line that you need to be aware of. These are when the work on the project will start and how long it will take. When your roof is damaged, the structural integrity of your home may be comprised. Because of this, it is generally not ideal to work with a company that is not available to serve you for weeks or that will take more than a one or a few days to complete the work, depending on the scope of the project.


What Warranty Comes With the Service, and Who Do I Contact About Warranty Work?

You should also inquire about the warranty that comes with the work. Many roofing materials come with a manufacturer’s warranty, and you should understand what is and is not included with the warranty. In addition, some roofing repair companies also offer a warranty on their work. You should understand the details of the warranty as well as the process for filing a warranty claim because this can vary from company to company.

Hiring a roof carpenter to work on your home may be required from time to time. Even the smallest repair task should be completed by skilled professionals like the Rite Price Roofing team because of the importance of the roof to your home’s overall integrity and condition.

While you may be concerned about finding a roofing contractor with affordable rates and selecting stylish cladding, the fact is that these questions are all important. Before you hire a contractor to assist with roof repairs, take time to ask these questions. This will help you to make a better decision.