There’s a never perfect time to inspect and clean your home roofing structure than during the spring. It is the most ideal time to prepare your home for the upcoming weather changes. After dealing with cold temperatures in winter, Spring in Adelaide is the season to enjoy the outdoors.

It is time to plan and deal with some preventive maintenance and inspection of your home’s exterior, particularly the roof.


Ensure that your roof is in good condition

Roof InspectionIt’s a good time for a rooftop check. Keeping track of your roof’s health can help you identify small issues before they lead to serious damage in your home that might cause potential costly roof repairs. Inspecting your roofing structures and carrying out roof maintenance should be a priority of every homeowner.

You don’t want to be surprised with the hidden damages in your roof or gutters when the rain comes. Read on for some issues and handy tips to keep you ahead of the storms and unpredictable weather while it’s spring!


#1 Fix that leaky roof

There are lot of reasons why roof leaks. It’s easily noticeable in the ceiling and walls. Leaks are dangerous as they get absorbed in wood, insulation, wallpapers, and produce mold growth which we definitely know can lead to deterioration in the long run.

First thing to do is to check the causes – must be cracked flashings, gutters are clogged, loose shingles, or obvious roof damage. While it may be easy to fix a leaky roof, if you think that the leak situation is beyond your control, it’s time to contact your trusted roof leak repair contractor.


#2 Gutter Cleaning

gutter cleaningGutters and downspouts ensure that water doesn’t accumulate and it forms the first line of defense against leakage to unwanted places causing costly damages. Various factors such as strong winds can contribute to your gutter’s damages. Enjoy the benefits of gutter cleaning. It’s better to be cleaning out your gutters at a minimum once a year than finding yourself fixing it.

Spring is the best to get some guttering work done. If you’re not confident to do it yourself, it’s best to leave it to the guttering experts.


#3 Physical Roof Damages

Roof InspectionYour home’s roof is the most important component to ensuring that it can withstand changes in weather, regardless of how little it rains. It should keep the interior of your home sound and dry.

It is good to routinely check your roof yearly for damage during spring time. If you suspect that you may have physical roof damage, get on your roof and check the sheets, tiles, seals, gutters, paint, debris, and even the ventilation. You can fix it by yourself or leave it to the roof repairs Adelaide pros.

Doing it springtime may delay the project because of the high possibility of rainfall, but if in doubt, you can always call the experts to check your roof for any damage you may not even be able to see.


#4 Stop Possums From Damaging Your Roof Tiles

Throughout the year, there are many creatures we enjoy observing. Possums are common creatures that have a tendency to damage your roof, and you should take measures to ensure that these creatures will not reside and damage your roof.

There are few simple measures you can take yourself to stop your neighbourhood possums from ruining your roof – trim your tree branches, climb-proof your tree trunks, disinfect and repair roof tiles, roof-safe possum repellents.


#5 Roof Tile Cleaning and Repair

tile roofing contractorHow do you clean and repair your roof tiles? A question that you might ask yourself especially if it’s your first time to inspect y our roof tiles. It can actually depend on the amount of dirt, algae, moss, or debris your roof accumulated and what type of roof tiles you have.

But what we can suggest is that it is best to leave the tile roof repair and cleaning to a professional roofing contractor. They prioritise safety over anything. They have the right tools and cleaning agents your roof tile demands.


Being Proactive

Roofing TipsAt Rite Price Roofing, we believe that taking preventive measures will extend the lifespan of your roof. Don’t pass on your yearly roof inspection! Spring is time for roof repairs and preparation for another year of weather challenges.

The safest way to protect your home is to hire and experienced Adelaide roofing contractor that will get these jobs done professionally and efficiently. We at Rite Price Roofing understands the responsibility to help you inspect and make necessary roof repairs whether it is small or large job.

Let us assist you. Give us a call for a free no obligation quote today!