The fact of the matter is that for a roof restoration in Adelaide, residents have many options from which to choose. This is both good and bad news.

The benefit to the customer is that there is certainly no monopoly in the roofing industry and so they can select from any number of companies to do the job. A key question most consumers have is about the cost of roof restoration.

On the other hand, the peril to the customer is that they can be taken in by roof restoration companies offering low quotes with little regard to the major factors that can affect the quality and cost of a job over the long run.

Before you select the lowest-costing company, do your research to determine if they are reputable and reliable, trustworthy and qualified, and, above all, if they are upfront in relating credentials, bonding, insurance, and licenses.

Quality and Quantity of Roofing Materials

One of the methods that companies use to lower costs is to reduce the amount and quality of the materials they choose to use.

For example, the amount of roof coating applied can have an impact on the total cost of a restoration project. This can pose a problem to the homeowner in the long run as the job may not last as long and require more maintenance over the life of your roof.

As well, a lower quantity of filler coat can leave roof tiles with a patchy and uneven appearance.

Company Size and History Can Factor Into Cost

Because a roof restoration company has fewer employees and low overhead, they have the ability to offer savings to their customers. While this may be an attractive selling feature, remember these key factors.

  • If the company changes its address or telephone number due to the generally nomadic nature of their company, how easy will it be to get service and maintenance should something occur in the future?
  • What experience and level of insurance does a smaller company have?
  • It is less likely that a larger company with a long track record of service will up and run off.
  • Demand to see the paperwork of any roofing company you choose to employ.
  • Ensure that they are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with significant public liability coverage.
  • Ask for information on previous homes they’ve worked on.
  • And be sure to do some Internet research to see if they have a favourable rating from other customers.

How Much Should Roof Restoration Cost?

Trying to arrive at an exact amount for the cost of a roof restoration project can be tricky. This is because so much depends upon the size and amount of work needed.

The main price factor revolves around the size of your roof, which has an effect on time commitment, labour, material costs, etc.

For smaller roofs (100-180m2), you can expect to pay between $28-$38 per square metre. For larger roofs, the cost lowers significantly and can tally almost to $17 per metre.

Some other important factors in determining cost are the amount of damage, and repair that is needed beyond the roof replacement.

Your hard-earned money should be put to good use, and there’s no reason why you can’t shop around to look for the best deal. However, your roof covers your most valuable asset and investment, so it should be hard earned as well.

Saving on costs is one thing, but dealing with the headache of an unreliable roof restoration company will cost you more that simply dollars and cents: it can cost your sanity.