concrete patioAs the year-end and beginning of the new monkey year as the Chinese would call it is upon us, you may well be the host of the moment, particularly if you have plenty of outdoor space and patio in which to entertain your friends and family.

Here are a few things to think about and prepare for prior to the events, as well as housekeeping tips that will help ensure that you are ready to entertain at the drop of a hat for any breaks In between the coming holiday.

At A Better Driveway, your specialist, we recommend the following to keep your concrete patio in tip top condition:

Inspecting your concrete patio

Make sure you carry out a thorough visual inspection of your patio before you begin to set up the area to receive guests. You should carry this check out at least once or twice a year anyway, so now is a good time to do this.

Concrete is one of the most durable materials around but sometimes due to ground settlement or having a very heavy object dropped on the surface, you can get one or two small cracks.

It is important to get these repaired because the last thing you want is water seeping underneath the concrete surface. Left for too long, this may cause a problem with the substrate layer underneath, so do have any repair work that is required carried out now.

Resealing the surface

If you have invested in coloured concrete or had a pattern stamped or brushed onto the surface, you will want to make sure this shows up to its best advantage when you have guests.

When you first had this work carried out your professional driveway company would have been able to seal the surface of the patio for you. They would also have been able to tell you roughly how long you should leave it before resealing the surface.

If you can get any resealing that is required done before you use your patio, that will be ideal.

Remember that sealant will not only repel water (or champagne and beer!) that has been spilled on the surface, but it will also help to make the patio scratch resistant.

If you think about the number of chairs, benches, tables and shoe marks that the patio will be subject to, it makes sense to get the resealing carried out now. Sealant also helps to provide UV protection and makes your patio dust proof, which will help with the cleaning up.

Cleaning up before and after

This will need to happen both before you have your visitors and in between party events depending on what has been dropped or spilled onto the surface.

Fortunately, once you have carried out the first clean, concrete is relatively maintenance free. To start, use hot water mixed with some mild detergent, a stiff brush and some elbow grease. If you have coloured concrete, do check to make sure you are using the right detergent.

Get rid of leaves and twigs, as well as any rust marks from garden furniture before the day of your party.

On the morning after, check for spilled grease or oil from party food and wipe this clean. Be sure to wipe up any spilled drinks too. Then all you have to do is get ready to enjoy your next party, and indeed, the rest of the festive season.

Your Concrete Patio Design Makeover Ideas That You Should Consider

With the weather finally starting to fine up, Australian families are starting to spend more time outside. Have you noticed that your patio area is looking a little worse for wear?

Have you given it a thorough clean only to realize that you haven’t made any improvement? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, it might be time to consider a patio design makeover. This will ensure that your outdoor area is ready for the nice weather ahead.

The first idea for your Concrete Patio Makeover is the floor covering

The state of your patio’s floor will often drag the area’s appearance down faster than any other issue. Concrete, for example, can become stained or cracked over time. Timber, on the other hand, can become faded or even weathered with time.

This is the perfect time of year to give your floor a makeover – rip up that old concrete or timber deck and replace it with something new. Natural stone paving is quite an attractive choice, but polished concrete and treated timber can also look great.

Second idea would be the roof

covering A damaged or outdated roof can really make your patio design look a little draggy (not to mention unsafe). Replacing the roof will not only improve the appearance of your outdoor area, it can help to increase the safety of the space and make your guests feel more secure.

We recommend steering clear of tin roofing, as it can make the space below feel quite hot; polycarbonate roofing is definitely a better choice, as it allows plenty of natural sunlight in whilst keeping the heat out.

Makeover your Concrete Patio landscaping: third idea

You can add some life to your patio with just a little landscaping. Choose plants that thrive in shade and invest in some lovely pots that you can scatter around the space. We recommend choosing plants that flower, as this will help to inject some color into the space.

Climbing vines are also a great option for a living decoration. You could make the landscaping even better by arranging your selected greenery around a water feature (such as a small pond, fountain or waterfall).

In three fairly easy and affordable steps, your patio design could go from a complete eyesore to your favourite place to spend time. Whilst you can certainly handle the landscaping of the area yourself, we recommend contacting a professional for the floor and roof coverings.

This will ensure that they are long lasting and that your patio continues to look its best well into the future. Contact Rite Price Roofing today, we are the most trusted brand in Adelaide. Our on field experience spans decades.