In some homes, you can choose to be either indoors or outdoors, but the closest that you could come to enjoying the best of both worlds is to open the windows to allow a fresh breeze to blow indoors.

There are indeed benefits associated with enjoying the creature comforts inside your home, but there are also benefits to enjoying the fresh air, gentle breezes and subtle sounds of nature outdoors.

Many homeowners are making the decision to add an alfresco living area to their home. This is a new way of living that essentially gives you the ability to enjoy indoor and outdoor experiences at the same time. After learning more about alfresco living, you can easily improve your home with beautiful and fully functional results.

What Is Alfresco Living?

Alfresco living is a trend that is rapidly growing in popularity throughout Australia as well as in other areas of the world. It essentially involves installing a new space or transforming an existing room in your home so that it has features like retractable doors, large sliding doors or other types of features that allow you to open the space up to the outdoors or to enclose it as desired.

During cooler weather or when there are inclement weather conditions, the area may be enclosed fully, but large windows can allow natural lighting to filter into the space.

When the weather is nice, however, the large doors or other features can be partially or fully opened, essentially giving you an outdoor living area that is fully furnished and functionally equipped. In this way, an alfresco living area can give you the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds in your home.

The Benefits of Alfresco Living

The most obvious benefit associated with creating an alfresco living area in your home is the ability to enjoy both indoor and outdoor living in one area of the home. You can decorate the area to be a living area, a sitting room, a dining area or something else altogether.

Through your design and decorating efforts, you can create the ultimate entertainment area that may be just as well suited for hosting friends for a family-oriented game night to barbecuing with your family members.

Because these indoor and outdoor combination living areas are increasingly popular in Australia and beyond, this is a feature that can also increase the value and desirability of your home. You may not plan to sell your home in the near future, but when you do, this can be a key selling point that strategically sets your home apart from the competition.

Why the Alfresco Lifestyle is Becoming Increasingly Popular

If you have not yet experienced the benefits of alfresco living areas yourself, you may be wondering why they are so popular. After all, you already have a living room and dining room inside your home as well as a patio outside your home. Why do you need a combination space? The fact is that weather conditions can change quickly.

Consider, for example, if you are hosting a backyard barbecue with many of your neighbours and close friends. The weather may be ideal at the beginning of the event, and you may have everything set up outdoors.

However, a passing storm or other sudden weather condition changes may cause you to quickly relocate your entire party setup indoors. This can be inconvenient for you, and in some cases, it may be uncomfortable for your guests.

With an alfresco area, however, you could simply enclose the space by shutting the windows and doors. This is just one of the many examples of why alfresco living areas are becoming so popular.

Is This Suitable for Your Home?

Now that you know more about the benefits and advantages associated with alfresco living, you may be wondering if this type of feature is suitable for your home. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including the overall layout or floor plan of your existing home as well as the available space in your yard. In some cases, you may be able to convert an existing room into an alfresco area without impeding on your yard space.

In other cases, you may be able to convert an existing patio area into an alfresco area by enclosing the area with a roof from Rite Price Roofing as well as walls, retractable doors and other features. You can finish off this space by adding indoor and outdoor lighting, blinds, flooring and other decorative features.

Different Alfresco Living Design Ideas

When you are ready to start designing an alfresco living area for your home, you should consider how you plan to use the space as well as how large your finished area will be. In many cases, the area may be large enough to incorporate both a seating and a dining area.

However, you should think about if the area will be used for entertainment or solely for your family. Consider how many people you need it to comfortably accommodate on most days. For example, if you entertain often and plan to use the area as an additional living area, you may need to include space for 10, 12 or more people to sit.

However, if you plan to use this area only for your personal family use, you may include a smaller sitting area and a smaller dining area. Remember to include rugs, light fixtures, beautiful fabrics and other elements to make your space truly beautiful as well as functional.

To create a truly alfresco living experience in your home, you generally will need to work with a contractor to make some structural changes to your home before you can begin decorating your space.

Therefore, a great first step to take is to contact the professionals at Rite Price Roofing for custom design assistance and to receive an estimate for your project. You can request an appointment for your initial consultation by contacting Rite Price Roofing at (08) 8261 3941 today.