There are many reasons why you might need your roof restored. Whether you have a roof that won’t stop leaking, a roof covered in rust or just a roof with structural integrity issues, you might not know how to proceed to restore it in the most cost-effective and efficient way.

You might also be deterred by the inevitable cost of restoring your roof should you find out that the entire structure needs replacing. The following four reasons why you should consider enlisting the services of a professional roof restoration company are compelling.

D.I.Y. Versus Calling in a Professional Metal Roof Restoration System

Many home owners tend to panic when a part of their home as essential as their roof begins to degrade over time, and might put off fixing it or attempt to repair the damage themselves, depending on the severity of the damage.

However, if you have a metal roof, there are more than a handful of possible points where water could be seeping in or where rust could be hiding. By doing the repairs yourself, you run the risk of attempting a repair without the proper means of diagnosing and fixing the problem.

There are a wide variety of variables that affect how your roof should be dealt with, such as the size and age of your roof, roof slope, rust, corrosion, leaks or structural problems, colour or appearance, and whether your roof been coated before, to name a few.

Depending on the issues your roof might have, you could be starting a restoration job without knowing exactly what’s wrong, or knowing the best way to address the situation. Calling in a professional is the best way to get the work done on your roof guaranteed, saving you time, money, and possibly saving you from personal injury.

Aesthetics and Colour Over Quality: The Importance of a Reputable Company (Get That Warranty!)

Professional roof restoration means professionals who are trained to restore roofs are working on your problem. Such companies are always willing to offer long term warranties because they trust their own products, services, and expertise.

Many warranties will last upwards of ten years, and given the importance of the roof to your home, it makes sense to at least entertain the idea of purchasing one.

When you choose to do the work yourself or fail to consult with a roof restoration professional, you might be looking at aesthetic roofing choices over quality roofing options. Similar to when you’re looking for a new car, you might go with a sportier model than a dependable choice.

Of course budgets and pricing should be factors in your decision, but the real consideration should be: what is it going to cost for a job done wrong? If you’ve chosen a metal roofing system with inherent problems, how inexpensive the job was won’t matter when you consider the cost of the repairs, repeated roof coatings, and constant aggravations.

Most metal roof restorations are necessary because of a compromise at some point in the installation, price, design, or quality of previous unsuccessful restorations, so you want to be sure you find a quality roof restorer.

Better, Stronger, and “Cooler” Equipment, Products, and Services Will Save You Money Down the Road

Roof restoration processes like ours at Rite Price Roof Restoration are complicated, and involve using and keeping up on the newest and best cleaning and restoration tools the market has to offer. Having your roof restored isn’t just about covering the leaks or removing the rust, it’s about ensuring the future protection and durability of your roof.

There have been significant advances in coatings over the years that you can apply to your roof to not only prevent leaks, but to ameliorate the structural integrity of your roof and even to keep your home cooler in the heat.

One coat of Algaecide, a top of the line Australian chemical, is sprayed at high pressure on all tiles and ridge caps, ensuring any hidden lichen, moss, algae, or bacteria is killed before the application of the coating.

Sealers are also applied to ensure correct adhesion of the coating to the tile, and then a base coat of colour is selected to the correct coverage per litre and per square metre to leave an even coat. If you choose a light colour for your base and topcoat, you can make your home or business more energy efficient and cool during the summer months.

All roof tiles, flashings, ridge caps, and flue pipes are pressure cleaned, and all ridge caps are re-pointed to make sure they’re water tight, thereby ensuring the long-term stability of all ridges and hips on the roof. Repairing chipped or damaged tiles and replacing broken tiles ensures there are no leaks through the tiled area.

If this sounds like more work than you’re willing to do, or than the company you’ve hired is willing to do, consider calling Rite Price Roof Restoration for a free in-home quote, or check out our website at ritepriceroofing.com.au.

A Few More Things to Consider

Tests on Energy Star roof coatings have shown that peak cooling demand can be reduced by 15% or more, also revealing as much as a 24% cooling cost reduction in a warmer climate, though energy saving qualities might be secondary to how well your coating meets your other protection needs.

If you roof is made of tin and you’re looking to have it restored, consider sticking with tin, as it tends to be almost half the cost of other metal roofs, and, with modern coatings, it can be just as effective. Finally, coatings are likely the way to go, given modern advances in the field.

Coatings save you money over “remove and replace” projects, they’re fast and quiet renovations, and reflective coatings both waterproof roofs and reduce roof surface temperatures, saving you money on your energy bill and on leak repairs in the future.

There have been many advances in roof restoration in the recent years, and new products and services are emerging all the time This means that the best way to save money on your roof restoration is getting in touch with a professional when you need to figure out the best way to restore any kind of roof.

Get in touch with Rite Price Roof Restorations, especially if you’re looking for Adelaide roof restoration, to make sure your home improvement project starts and ends on the right track.