Tips for designing an original verandah or carport in Adelaide

Building a carport or verandah for your home in Adelaide is a big decision and if you are toying with the idea you’re probably trying to figure out which option is best for your needs.

outdoor entertainingWith plenty of options on the market, if you love the outdoors but like to be a little protected from the weather a verandah or a carport are great options for protecting yourself and your valuables from the environment, trees and general weather.

Adelaide is one of the driest Australian capital cities, and while it can see temperatures soar to around forty degrees during summer, it also has mild winters, plenty of rain and lots of seasonal variation. The wind chill, in particular, can be an issue and heatwaves are a common occurrence over the past decade making outdoor covered areas popular for homes and properties in and around the Adelaide area.

If you live in Adelaide and you’re looking to explore options for whether you should install a verandah or a carport in your property, it’s important to be aware of the difference between the two, so you can make an informed decision regarding what structure will not only add value to your home or commercial property but also be functional and practical.

What’s the difference between a verandah and a carport

To give an idea of the differences between the two, we have outlined features for both a verandah and a carport.

Features of a Verandah

A verandah is a covered and roofed open gallery or porch that extends directly from the house or property on one or all sides. Popular in warm climates, the verandah has been a common addition to homes for the last hundred and fifty years or so.

Used in homes, hotels, commercial properties and a range of buildings, the verandah can be enclosed with a railing made from wood, steel or screens.

The verandah is usually level with the floor of the main building and extends across the front and also the sides of the building as needed.

Features of a verandah include:

– It is a permanent structure of the property and usually matches or compliments the property in some way.
– It is attached to the property and will usually wrap around the entire length of the house or at least a couple of sides of the home.
– Made from strong and long-lasting materials that are designed to be used on the exterior of the property.
– Covers the residents of the property and has a watertight roof which can be retractable or fixed based on the needs of the inhabitants.
– Residents can sit underneath the verandah and be protected from environmental elements such as wind, sun, rain, and hail.

Features of a Carport

On the other hand, a carport is a covered structure that is primarily used to protect cars or vehicles of any kind from environmental elements. The carport is usually freestanding or can be attached to the home or property.

Carports usually have one or two walls, not always four, and are less protected than a verandah or garage in that they cover the car or vehicle, however, are well ventilated and cover the area rather than stop wind or sideways rain from reaching vehicles.

Very likely stand alone a few metres from a home or commercial property the carport is used to shelter vehicles and mechanical items, whereas a verandah is designed to shelter humans.

Features of a carport include:

– Usually made of steel, metal and modular in style.
– Protect vehicles and cars from weather and sun damage mainly.
– Variety of methods including being attached to a home or stand-alone.
– Can be mobile or fully enclosed.
– Can be constructed with one, two three or four sides.
– Offer more ventilation than garages.
– Add value to a property due to vehicles having a structure that protects them from the elements.

Designing an original verandah in Adelaide

If you’re looking to design an original verandah in your Adelaide home or commercial property, there are a wide range of ideas and design options based on the style and look you’re seeking in your verandah.

The verandah is the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining outdoors and if you are looking to add on a verandah to your existing property in Adelaide or you are designing a new home with a verandah attached, it’s important to create a design that matches your home, your requirements and your budget.

Things to consider when designing an original verandah

Verandahs come in a wide variety of roof styles that can mirror the main structure and blend in with the entire property.

The style of the roof will affect drainage, so it’s important to ensure when you’re designing a verandah for your home or commercial space that you choose an option that offers plenty of shade and suits the drainage in your existing structure.

Types of styles include:

– Flat roof verandah – this is a simple design and can be customised to suit any area.

– Curved roof verandah – this is perfect for modern or contemporary homes and can be freestanding if needed. A popular design due to the smooth lines and curved profiles of structures.

– Gabled verandah roof – this is perfect for homes or commercial properties with pitched roofs or areas with high rainfall, you will usually see this is tropical areas.

– Sunroof verandah roof – this type of verandah has motorised or manual roof louvers that work to keep out the sun when it is hot, and there is direct sunlight and then let light in when it is cooler, or when light is required.

As well as choosing the right original verandah design for your Adelaide property it is important your colour scheme and materials match or compliment your home. A registered verandah builder will be able to assist you with the selection process for your property to ensure you get the desired effect from your verandah.

Designing an original carport in Adelaide

carportDesigning an original carport can be a challenge if you’re not sure what you are doing and it is important to ensure whatever structure you decide upon suits the needs of your property.

Carports usually cover a wide range of mechanical vehicles from cars, ride on mowers, motorbikes, motorhomes and caravans so when you are looking to design an original carport in your property in Adelaide it’s important to keep in mind what the end use will be.

Things to consider when designing an original carport

When you’re ready to design your original carport, it’s important to cover a few key areas. What it will be used for, the size required, the materials, will it match the main structure of the house or property are all things to consider when building or designing a new carport.

Outlined below are a few things you may need to decide upon when creating your original carport in Adelaide:

– How big will it need to be? If you’re storing a boat or motorhome, the carport is going to need to be far longer than a traditional carport, measure all of the vehicles that need to be in the carport to decide what size you will need. It may not be a standard size so ensure you layout all your vehicles that need to be covered and have this in mind in the design stage.

– What material will you construct the carport out of? Will you try and match the house or commercial property or will you do something completely different that is in a complimentary style. Deciding on the materials and whether it will be wood, metal or brick will help to ensure you create a carport that blends in with the main structure of the property and not be an eyesore.

– Will you be converting a current structure into a carport? If you are converting a space that already exists into a carport the conversion will need to be well thought out, and you will need to consider if you need drainage. Carports can have one or more sides, so be aware of where the wind and elements are coming from to ensure the existing area

– What style of roof do you need for your carport? It is important to decide what style of roof you would like for the design of your carport so you can get a feel for whether the drainage will be suitable for your structure

– Will the carport be attached or detached from the property? This is important, as you may need to attach the carport to one side of a property if it is attached. Completely detached properties will also need to have strong columns and structural support and may need excavation to ensure the carport withstands the unpredictable weather and elements of Adelaide.

Whether you are designing an original carport or an original verandah, each has their intricate decisions in the design process. It’s important to always engage professionals throughout each stage of your building including designers, manufacturers, builders and certifiers or simply engage a supplier that provides the entire service all in one.

If you’re looking for an original carport or verandah for your property in Adelaide, there are plenty of exciting materials, styles and designs to choose from to suit your home or commercial property.